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The Queen 'volunteered' to appear in iconic James Bond Olympics sketch, says writer
The Queen volunteered herself to be in it, describing her performances as full of "real joy."Frank Cottrell-Boyce, who also wrote the Platinum Jubilee Paddington sketch, explained to BBC Radio Four's Today programme that the Queen was not originally in the James Bond sketch.However, when the team visited Buckingham Palace for permission to represent Her Majesty on at the Olympics 2012 opening ceremony, they discovered that The Queen wanted to be in the sketch.READ NEXT: Netflix's The Crown fans demand extra episode to honour Queen ElizabethHe said: "We went to the palace asking for permission to represent her and to know what she was wearing on the day and it was her amazing dresser who said, ‘No no she wants to be in it.’ "She was game and she was up for that."The famous sketch saw The Queen meet James Bond, played by 007 actor Daniel Craig, in a surprise cameo, where she greeted him with the words "Good evening Mr. Bond."However, Frank also revealed that The Queen did not originally speak in the sketch, until she made a special request to director Danny Boyle for a line in the script."In fact on the day when we were filming, she asked Danny Boyle if she could have a line because there wasn’t a line in the script, probably because when I was typing the script I didn’t quite know how you would type the character of the Queen, what would you type."After their meeting, The Queen and Bond walked alongside one another, and the corgis, before setting off in a helicopter towards the Olympic stadium - when a stunt double for The Queen jumped out of the helicopter and parachuted in.