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Harry and Meghan 'have a hell of a long way to go' before peace with Charles and William
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still have “a hell of a long way to go” before they can enjoy a peaceful reunion with King Charles III and Prince William, a commentator has claimed. Royal expert Daniela Elser reckons the reconciliation will be difficult amid the upcoming release of the Sussex’s Netflix documentary and past spats including Meghan’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey and well-publicised royal fallouts.Despite reports that the controversial royal couple is set to try and make-up with other senior Buckingham Palace members, Elser reckons it will prove difficult.READ MORE: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry 'intended to humiliate' royal family with portraitShe told news.au that she thinks the King did not seem too intent on repairing the relationship during the official mourning period for late Queen Elizabeth, with Harry travelling separately to Balmoral and put in the second row of the Westminster Abbey service.Elser wrote: “It is not as if Charles went far out of his way to do much olive-branch waving last month during the official mourning period and the Queen’s funeral…“Does any of this sound like The Firm might be particularly receptive if the Sussexes do decide they want to bury the hatchet?”The columnist also questioned Harry and Meghan’s “convoluted logic” in aiming to start a royal charm offensive after the Netflix series and the Duke of Sussex’s memoir.She asked why the pair was “deciding to make peace but only after aiming a final series of potential painful volleys” and claimed there was “a hell of a long way to go” before a royal reconciliation.
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Harry and Meghan under 'pressure' to keep 'lights on and fridge stocked with hummus'
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are "under pressure to deliver" to new providers Netflix or they risk not being able to "keep the lights on," a royal commentator has claimed.Columnist Daniela Elser has claimed that the Sussexes have to keep putting in good work in order to keep their deals with high-profile businesses they are reliant on for their various projects.“The pressure on the Sussexes to deliver must be immense; no less than their future ability to keep the lights on and the fridge stocked with organic hummus depends on it”, she said. READ MORE: EXCLUSIVE 'Frightened' Putin 'getting closer to launching nuclear strike' warns ex-RAF chief Writing in News.com.au, Elser said that the couple had no guarantees that big entertainment companies would keep sticking around and giving them opportunities if their content didn’t live up to expectations. She explained that Spotify has decided to make changes to its type of content and no-one is safe for that reason.Elser pointed out that Meghan had already had a taste of this when her animated children’s series was aborted in a ‘high-profile cancellation.’In her column, she wrote: "The pressure on the Sussexes to deliver must be immense; no less than their future ability to keep the lights on and the fridge stocked with organic hummus depends on it.
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New Kate Middleton photos spell 'disaster' for King Charles, royal expert claims
Kate Middleton could spell disaster for King Charles, a royal expert has claimed.The Princess of Wales and her husband, William, travelled to the Queen's Norfolk estate of Sandringham on Thursday (September 15) to thank the public for their condolences, and were met by huge crowds offering flowers at the remote palace.Images show the future King and Queen smiling and talking to royal fans, who had journeyed from across the country to catch a glimpse of the Waleses - and the pics could mean trouble for the new King Charles.READ MORE: Queue tracker live: Exact location and wait times for Queen's lying-in-state lineThe late Queen's eldest son has been on the throne for just over a week, ever since Her Majesty tragically died last Thursday (September 8).And although reception of the new King and Queen Consort Camilla has so far seemed positive, the King has already had a number of small but embarrassing public blunders - mostly involving fountain pens.Royal expert Daniela Elser said the King was already floundering just a week into the job, and that these photos showing the British public's famous love for Will and Kate could give him pause for thought.Writing for news.com.au, she said: "Charles clearly needed a bit of a break, a chance to soak in the tub with some Molton Brown bubble bath and to re-read the Magna Carta to double-check it still limits royal authority."It’s only one week into the job he has waited more than 50 years to do and he has already managed to have not one but two tanties caught on video."She added: "If ever there was a moment that should make Charles choke on his afternoon fruitcake, it’s this."Charles’ time to shine might have arrived, but if these new images of William and Kate are anything to go
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'Arrogant' Prince Harry and Meghan Markle running out of friends in the Royal Family
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are no strangers to scrutiny, and since stepping down as senior royals and jetting off to America for good, a gulf has grown between the couple and the rest of the Royal Family.Harry has had a rift with future king William for a number of years now and other senior members of the Firm have also distanced themselves from the Sussexes, Daniela Elser has highlighted for News.com.au.The pair have always maintained a few alliances in the royal ranks however, with the release of Harry's new tell-all book looming and the couple set to return to the UK, the Daily Mail's Dan Wootton says even those who have been loyal to the pair are beginning to turn their backs.READ MORE: Harry and Meghan 'competing with royal family' by announcing UK visit on Anne's birthday"Many lower ranked royals are now in open revolt about the couple – and prepared to make their feelings clear behind palace walls," he said"Marking that shift of tone, even Harry’s former allies Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are said to have been highly critical of the couple’s stand-offish, haughty and arrogant attitude during their last visit for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee."Although Zara and Mike have always friendly with the couple, keeping them company outside St Paul's Cathedral after the Queen's service of thanksgiving during her Jubilee in June, Wootton's comments come amid numerous reports that the cousins are not as close as they once were.The Express reported back in June that Tindall had called Harry a “b***ard” during a sweary chat with a fellow guest at a reception after the Jubilee Pageant.Following the Jubilee celebrations, Tindall recalled "a highlight" of the lavish weekend had been "a good cousins’ lunch" after Trooping
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Kate 'has revolutionised Royal social media game' making it 'quietly radical' – expert
Kate Middleton has "revolutionised" the Royal social media game, a royal expert has claimed.With the younger royals looking to move with the times and be more in tune with the 21st-century UK populace, the Duchess of Cambridge's approach to Instagram was ensuring they were keeping well ahead of the game.Australian writer Daniela Elser claimed Kate’s account was “quietly radical” and was being greatly effective in guaranteeing that the monarchy would continue for years to come.READ NEXT: UK drivers warned roads could 'melt' as 40C heatwave predicted next week And while the ‘Harry and Meghan show’ across the pond was garnering many followers, Kate’s Instagram work – where a number of pictures and videos were uploaded – proved to everyone that the royals want to be seen in a different light nowadays. Elser said: “While the eyes of the world were by and large glued to the Harry and Meghan Show, Kate has been revolutionising the royal social media game.“It was also indisputable proof of something that has become increasingly apparent of late: Kate is simply nailing the social media game.” Down-to-earth images of Prince William fooling around with his children, a “mould-breaking” snap of the Duke of Cambridge with his father, Prince Charles, and just general everyday pictures of family life, they all added new meaning to a royal site followed by hundreds of thousands of people.“And all of these pics?” asked Elser.
prince Charles - Oprah Winfrey - Prince Harry - Dax Shepard - Williams - Daniela Elser - Royal expert baffled with Prince Harry's claim about bike rides with Archie - dailystar.co.uk - USA - California
Royal expert baffled with Prince Harry's claim about bike rides with Archie
Prince Harry's claims that he was 'not allowed to ride his bike' by his parents as a child have been called into question by a royal expert.The comments, where the Duke of Sussex compared his childhood in England with that of his three-year-old son Archie in the US, came during his controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey last year.Speaking highly of his family's new life in California, he said: "I guess the highlight for me is sticking him [Archie] on the back of a bicycle in his little baby seat and taking him on bike rides which is something I was never able to do when I was young."READ MORE: Queen unveils trendy new look at 96 and dramatically ditches her walking stickHarry then doubled down on his bicycle take by telling Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast last May that he would "never have had the chance" to ride with dad Prince Charles as his son does now.But royal commentator Daniela Elser brought this under scrutiny after digging up photos of Harry enjoying a bike ride with his father as a young boy.Writing in news.com.au, she said: "As far as Harry is concerned it is only now that he has the freedom to strap in his two-year-old boy and cycle around the exclusive neighbourhood, just a father and son, the dappled sunshine and a Range Rover full of protection officers purring along in their wake."To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Elser countered this by stating that there was at least four occasions where Charles took him and Prince William for fun on two wheels — "because there are some uncomfortable family photos of him doing it".Charles was once pictured on his bicycle on the Balmoral grounds in 1988 towing a four-year-old Harry behind him
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Prince William and Kate Middleton slammed for having' three furnished homes'
Prince William and Kate Middleton were criticised by taxpayers for having "three furnished homes" as a royal insider revealed their permanent move to Windsor.It has been reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will move into Adelaide Cottage, at Windsor Castle, this summer after William celebrates his 40th birthday.According to Royally Obsessed podcasters Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito, taxpayers are "miffed" when they learned the Cambridges have already owned two furnished homes — Kensington Palace in London and Anmer Hall in Norfolk.Rachel said: "At Kensington Palace, being a city location, they are limited in terms of the ground."That means that George, Charlotte and Louis will have easy access to their great-grandmother and I feel like any access to the outdoors will be so great for kids, it will be in abundance at Windsor."Co-host, Roberta, chimed in and added: "But to have three furnished homes...I think the taxpayers are a little miffed about this."But Rachel sees it differently as she considers that Prince William will be the future king."Think about all the properties the Queen has," she added.They also commented that the move "is expected to significantly change the dynamic at Windsor" where, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York has the most contact with the Queen.Meanwhile, royal writer Daniela Elser claimed the royal couple's relocation plan "essentially means they have wasted millions and millions of Sovereign Grant money" of modernising Kensington Palace.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.The reported £4million spent on the Cambridge's home of Apartment 1A was funded by 25% of revenue from the Crown estates
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Queen and Lilibet pic would have shown 'retaking command' of Harry and Meghan situation
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's daughter Lilibet was yesterday (June 4) as the Royal Family wished her a happy first birthday.Numerous social media accounts belonging to members of the Royal Family posted messages but no picture of little Lilibet.Many fans were hoping the occasion would be marked with a photograph of Lilibet meeting the Queen, which is believed to have happened sometime last week.According to a royal commentator, one of the reasons for the lack of photos could have been because it would have shown the Royal Family to be “retaking command of the situation” with the Sussexes.In her News.com.au column, Daniela Elser believes the post of photo of the Queen and Lilibet would have been a “powerful checkmate on the part of Her Majesty in the PR chess match”.She wrote: “In short, releasing a Queen and Lili shot would have represented the royal house retaking command of the situation and reclaiming the narrative rather than letting Harry and Meghan call the media shots as they have been.“An added benefit of our imaginary photo here is that it would also have gone some way to serving as an antidote to the prevailing whiff of acrimony that has seemed to waft over the Jubilee appearances by the Sussexes.”Elser also believed that pushing for a photo to be published would have served as a ‘line being drawn under’ the drama to the public.However, the reason for no photograph may be due to Harry and Meghan's privacy with both children's faces barely visible in any released photographs.
Meghan Markle - Prince Harry - Daniela Elser - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 'cheap seats' after 'reaping what they have sown' - dailystar.co.uk - Britain - county Sussex
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 'cheap seats' after 'reaping what they have sown'
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's were “put in their place”, as they were apparently banished to the “cheap seats” during the service of thanksgiving yesterday.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent the service at St Paul's Cathedral stuck behind a group of teenagers, right at the back of the historic venue.James, Viscount Severn — 15th in line to the throne — was one of those the couple were sitting behind.The event saw members of the Royal family and invited guests pay tribute to the Queen, as well as thanking numerous volunteers and the British public.But Royal fans noticed that the controversial Royal couple — who stepped away from their Royal duties around three years ago — had seemingly been shoved to the back of the audience like an unwanted relative at a wedding.Royal commentator Daniela Elser pointed to that fact that this was the couple “reaping what they had sown”, despite the fact that they had been hoping to build bridges during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.Writing for news.com.au, she said: “When the couple waltzed off two years ago to make a fortune and create impact and spend their days coming up with nifty hashtags, it looked like they still held plenty of cards.“Harry, in falling for the Suits star and dragooning her into the working royal ranks, had accidentally found just what the monarchy didn’t know it was looking for.“They were the adored golden couple and the royal family needed them, and oh-so-badly, to inject some youthful verve into the moribund royal brand and to connect with younger generations.“The message from the Palace in putting the Sussexes in the cheap seats seemed to be: You wanted out? Fine.
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Awkward moment Meghan Markle stays centre stage and gets involved at polo
Meghan Markle was caught in an awkward moment when she joined husband Prince Harry on-stage after a polo match. The 40-year-old former actress and Duchess of Sussex dolled up in a black polka dot blouse and white shorts for the charity event as she watched Harry and his Los Padres teammates competed for the Lisle Nixon Memorial Cup at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club in California.When Meghan got up the stage to present the trophy to her husband and his winning team, she was somehow squashed in the middle while the polo players tried to take a picture holding the cup.In the video shared on social media, the Duchess puts on an awkward smile as she takes a step back and claps to congratulate Harry on the win.The players lift the heavy cup above her head and she holds onto her sun hat and steps back to the centre of the stage for a photo-op.One viewer shared on TikTok: "Meghan forces her way into polo team to accept trophy."Another said the players "didn't know where to put her" and then ended up "blocking her with the trophy".Meghan was also seen giving a kiss to Harry at the match as a royal expert called the affection a potential "made for TV" moment.The commentator Daniela Elser wrote: "Did Meghan simply wake up and decide that some old school Hollywood glamour was the order of the day given she was going to present the winners’ trophies? "Or was she, Cecil B.
prince Harry - Meghan Markle - Williams - Daniela Elser - Meghan and Harry dealt 'social snub of the year' after Brooklyn Beckham wedding – expert - dailystar.co.uk - Britain - Florida - county Sussex - Brooklyn
Meghan and Harry dealt 'social snub of the year' after Brooklyn Beckham wedding – expert
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had been friends with David and Victoria Beckham for some time, with the pair being invited to their royal wedding.Now, it's claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aren't on such friendly terms with their eldest, Brooklyn Peltz-Beckham who tied the knot over the weekend.Sources had initially claimed the pair would be jetting to Florida for the showbiz wedding of the year but it appears that they were not on the guestlist.Reports claim that Harry's older brother, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge were the only Duke and Duchess that had been invited.According to columnist Daniela Elser, she claims that Meghan and Harry were faced with the snub of the year after not having an invite come through their letterbox.She wrote: "You see, one Duke and Duchess were reportedly invited to the Beckham/Peltz union and one was not, which if this is true, amounts to the social snub of the year."Daniela added that David and Victoria were among the many guests at Westminster Abbey for William and Catherine's wedding in 2011 as well as at St George's Chapel for Harry and Meghan's wedding in 2018.The columnist went on to add: "William and Kate, per a news story, were asked to attend the lavish affair but turned down the offer, Harry and Meghan were not included on the guest list."Elser went on to add: "However, for whatever reason, what is notable about the Sussexes is, since quitting the UK to talk about making content, how restrained their social life has been."Whether by choice or not, what is marked is that the big names who existed in the Sussexes' orbit pre-Megxit are nowhere to be seen now."The Mirror reported: "The Beckhams were reported to have agonised over which royal couple to
Kate Middleton - Williams - Daniela Elser - Kate Middleton's charming 8-second clip 'shows why Harry and Meghan failed' says expert - dailystar.co.uk - Belize
Kate Middleton's charming 8-second clip 'shows why Harry and Meghan failed' says expert
Prince William and Kate Middleton had a rare moment of genuine fun on their tour of the Caribbean in what one royal expert called an "off-the-cuff moment” that illustrates why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge “have flourished in their roles".And, writing for news.com.au Daniela Elser says the encounter shows exactly why the royal career of Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, has "hit the rocks".After getting off to a dicey start, with the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge being forced to pull out of a planned visit to a Mayan village after it emerged that locals were planning a protest over a land dispute with one of the charities of which Prince William is patron.But on the first full day of their visit to Belize, the couple visited ancient Mayan ruins at an archaeological site deep in the Chiquibul Forest.As they posed for photos outside the breathtaking Caana, or ”sky palace,” Wills and Kate joked with the press pack that have been following them around the world.A candid video clip shows the moment that the Prince pointed out that the rival photographers were straying into each others’ shots.“It was a totally off-the-cuff moment,” says royal expert Elser, “but a highly illuminating one that gets to the heart of why the Cambridges have flourished in their roles and why Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s royal careers hit the rocks”.Both William and Harry have grown up in the public eye, but while William has learned to live with the constant attention his younger brother has often struck a sour note with the press, says Ms Elser.One royal correspondent told The Guardian that Harry clearly didn’t enjoy his royal duties: “Any engagement that I’m at with him he just scowls at us.
Kate Middleton - Williams - Daniela Elser - Expert claims Kate Middleton and Prince William soon won't be seen together much - dailystar.co.uk - Denmark
Expert claims Kate Middleton and Prince William soon won't be seen together much
Kate Middleton and Prince William are a seemingly perfect pair, who for many years have been side by side in their duties and royal appearances.But according to Royal insiders that won’t be the case for much longer.Royal Expert Daniela Elser claims that the Wills and Kate won’t often be in the public eye together anymore as new blueprints for the royal family are drawn out.It comes as the Queen prepares to celebrate her platinum jubilee, marking 70-years on the throne - and with it bringing huge changes to how the royals operate.According to News AU, these new plans will put pressure on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage, with them each taking on significant responsibilities which could keep them separated.In recent weeks Kate was tasked with flying to Denmark for a two-day fact-finding mission for her Early Years Foundation.The Daily Mail reports that this trip was just a taste of what is to come. The paper also claimed that there is “a bold, but quietly implemented, new strategy” being implemented behind palace gates and which will see “Kate become the most publicly prominent female in the royal family.”A royal source told the paper: “What will happen is that when the couple go on visits abroad it will be more like what Charles and Diana did, where they each branch out and do more engagements on their own.
Kate Middleton - Buckingham Palace - Roland Mouret - Williams - Daniela Elser - Kate Middleton's secret makeover marks 'ambitious new chapter' for duchess - dailystar.co.uk - Bahamas - Denmark - Jamaica - Belize
Kate Middleton's secret makeover marks 'ambitious new chapter' for duchess
Kate Middleton has “flipped the switch” with outfit choices that signal a “much more ambitious new chapter” in her life, according to royal experts.She donned Roland Mouret trousers during a visit to Denmark this week - a stark difference to her normal choice of a dress or frock.The Duchess of Cambridge’s decision to rock the bottoms, which cost almost £1,000, has been hailed as “ground-breaking” because it shows a switch to professional chic.Daniela Elser wrote in news.au: “Kate is getting down to business and her wardrobe clearly is too.“This is about signalling a much more interesting shift and the advent of the much more ambitious new chapter in her royal good works.”The comments come after royal officials announced Kate and Prince William will jet off on a royal tour next month.They will travel to Belize, Jamaica, and The Bahamas to explore the country’s biodiversity – and Buckingham Palace says the royal pair wants to meet as many people as possible.Elser pointed out that Kate’s decision to opt for more professional outfit choices could be to do with her legacy.She added: “Through 10 years of learning and mastering the royal ropes, through 25 international trips, three pregnancies and two house moves, she has relied pretty much exclusively on dresses.Stay up to date with all the latest Royal news from the Daily Star by signing up for one of our free newsletters here.“While occasionally in the past she would pepper skinny jeans or a fetching pair of culottes into her fashion mix, they were very much the exception to the rule.
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Queen's Covid battle is reminder of 'cold hard reality' for royal family's situation
The Queen's Covid diagnosis has forced the Royal Family to face the 'cold hard reality' of their precarious situation, an expert has claimed.In one of the most tumultuous periods for the Queen and fellow royals in living memory, the family has had to absorb Harry and Meghan quitting, the death of Prince Phillip, and more recently the allegations made against Prince Andrew.And according to Royal expert Daniela Elser, the latest news that the Queen has Covid will make projecting stability to the British public an even harder job.Following the Queen's diagnosis, Buckingham Palace put out a short statement, that many including Daniela Elser took umbrage with.It read: "Buckingham Palace confirm that The Queen has today tested positive for Covid.“Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expects to continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week.“She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines."The brevity of the statement rankled many, and writing in NewsAu, Elsner delivered her riposte.She said: "Buckingham Palace might be resolutely intent on projecting an image of a united royal family cheerily getting on with the job – but that blithe optimism looks like it’s increasingly flying in the face of cold hard reality."The commentator added that the short statement over the monarch's diagnosis was telling for the precious 'situation' the royal family is in.She added: "This whole situation highlights what is only going to become a more pressing and painful headache for the royal house, which is, how to manage news about Her Majesty’s health."The news of the Queen's illness comes just days after she was pictured using a walking stick.