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Former Big Brother winners now - prize money donation to drug addiction
Big Brother is making its comeback after nearly four years, with a shock teaser announced on yesterday's Love Island 2022 series finale.Big Brother first hit our screens back in 2000 on Channel 4, and ran for 10 years until it moved over to Channel 5 in 2010.Channel 5 took the Big Brother torch for another eight years but then halted its coverage back in 2018.Now though, ITV2 has announced it will be returning in 2023With further details on a presenter, and when the show will take place still to be announced, we take a look at Big Brother's past winners and where they are now.The first winner, 22 years ago, was Craig Phillips from Liverpool.He left the Big Brother house with £70,000 and donated his entire prize money to his friend Joanne Harris, to pay for her lung and heart transplant.Joanne sadly died in 2008.Craig has since spoken about his experience having won the first ever series.“It was really, really crazy I don’t think I went home for 97 days, I changed hotel every night, I had bodyguards chaperoning me around. It was life-changing overnight, instantly overnight," he said.The first winner is now a property developer.Pete Bennett was an iconic victor of Big Brother, winning over the hearts of the nation and raising awareness about his Tourette's syndrome.In an interview with Jeremy Kyle, Peter revealed he had wasted his prize money on drugs.After returning to work and getting himself clean, he started a cleaning business called "Celebriclean" reportedly charging £100ph.