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Kim Tate - Jamie Tate - Claire King - Emmerdale fans do double take as Kim Tate 'replaced' in emotional Will scene -
Emmerdale fans do double take as Kim Tate 'replaced' in emotional Will scene
Emmerdale's Kim Tate, played by Claire King, left viewers baffled as they accused her of being "replaced" during a heated scene with her partner Will and Gabby and Dawn in Friday's episode.Kim's world has been turned upside down as she has discovered that her son Jamie may actually be alive, whilst Gabby and Dawn's secret quickly unraveled.As the pair interrupted a heated discussion between Will and Kim, she announced that she "knew their secret".As Gabby tried to explain that shooting Will was an accident, Kim broke down in tears as she screamed at everyone to get out of her house.Will was later left devastated as Kim told him that she couldn't trust him, meaning they couldn't get married.Baffled fans took to social media to comment on Kim's dramatic change in personality, with many saying that Kim wasn't behaving like her normal self.One posted: "Why have they replaced Kim Tate with a snivelling wreck?" Another added: " Emmerdale what are you doing to these feisty women?" A third chipped in: "Kim's actually being a somewhat decent human being for a change."Meanwhile, fans think they've worked out a huge twist with baby Thomas' father as Jamie is set to make a dramatic return.During Thursday's episode, PI Mike asked Will to do a DNA test to compare Thomas’ DNA to someone they had tracked down who looked similar to Jamie.As Mike later revealed it couldn't have been Jamie as the DNA didn't match, viewers took to social media to predict a paternity twist.One posted: "he DNA not matching doesn’t mean that it’s not Jamie Tate.