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Ron Howard Reacts to KeKe Palmer Aspiring to Walk in His Footsteps (Exclusive)
Ron Howard knows exactly how hard it can be to move from being a young star to an accomplished filmmaker, and feels a great deal of respect for other talented artists with big dreams.The two-time Oscar winner spoke with ET's Will Marfuggi at the premiere of his new film, , on Thursday, where he responded to recent comments fromstar Keke Palmer, who said she aspires to following a similar path as Howard when it comes to moving behind the camera on future projects.«Wow! Well, that's high praise,» Howard marveled. «I'm honored by it. She's a great talent.»Howard reflected on his own path — beginning with his childhood role on, followed by his starring role on, before he became one of the most celebrated directors and producers of the past four decades.«I've been so fortunate,» Howard shared. «At the time that I transitioned into becoming a director and a producer, the notion that, you know, a kid coming off of a of a sitcom, and then a teenager coming off of a sitcom, could actually aspire to take that level of responsibility and make an array of different kinds of films? It was something I dreamed about, and I expected of myself, but I don't think anybody else took the idea very seriously.»Howard's daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, has also been been stepping behind the camera recently.