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Anne Heche - Elisabeth Rohm - Donnie Brasco - Anne Heche’s final movie Girl in Room 13 still set for release after star’s death -
Anne Heche’s final movie Girl in Room 13 still set for release after star’s death
Anne Heche’s final movie, Girl In Room 13, is still set to be released in September, weeks after her death. The actress, best known for starring in movies such as Six Days and Seven Nights and Donnie Brasco, was declared brain dead on Friday August 12 after she suffered fatal injuries in a horrific car crash on August 5. The network behind her final on-screen appearance, Lifetime, has since confirmed that it will continue to launch the movie in September as originally planned.  Director, Elisabeth Rohm praised Heche’s final performance as ‘phenomenal’ as she tackles the gritty role of a mother who’s daughter is abducted into human sex trafficking. Elisabeth began: ‘We’re all so dedicated to the cause, stopping violence against women… all of us, especially Larissa [Dias] who played this victim, are committed to that cause.’ The director added that the cast had spoken about the importance of standing up against abuse, before praising Heche for her dedication to the role, as she remained in a coma.   ‘Although [Heche] is deeply missed, right now, I will say the film is finished and she did a phenomenal performance — a tour de force much like Larissa,’ she continued. After Heche’s death, Elisabeth shared a tribute to the star and commended her for how ‘committed’ she was throughout her life to protect women and be ‘a voice against abuse.’ She told People: ‘Every single morning, [Heche] would come to set and she said, “We will not stand for abuse!” And she would pump her fist and have this just beautiful, bright smile. ‘She was so committed to making an incredibly deep, profound, important performance.’Elisabeth also reflected on Heche’s personal life as she shared: ‘Anne was very open about the abuse she sustained in her
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Anne Heche’s life support ‘to be turned off today’ as organ recipients found
Anne Heche’s death could lead to other lives being saved as matches have been found for her organs, a new report suggests.The US actress was involved in a serious collision in Los Angeles last week, in which she suffered a severe brain injury and slipped into a coma.Her family later announced that she was ‘not expected to survive’ the accident, and confirmed that they were exploring the possibility of organ donation as had been her wish throughout her lifetime.Days later, it was confirmed by doctors that Heche had suffered brain death, and on Friday she was declared dead under California law.The Psycho actress is being kept on life support in order to keep her organs healthy during the search for potential recipients of her organs, and matches have now reportedly been found.According to TMZ, ‘multiple organs’ are due to be transplanted, and Heche’s life support will be switched off on Sunday afternoon local time.Sources connected to Heche reportedly told the outlet that surgeons are ready to remove the organs and transplant them, and her life support will be switched off at that time.The American actress was rushed to hospital after a car sped through residential streets and smashed into a two-storey home in the Mar Vista area on Friday last, before bursting into flames. Her family later released a statement saying it had ‘ long been her choice to donate her organs and she’s being kept on life support to determine if any are viable,’ they added.They went on to thank everyone for ‘their kind wishes and prayers for Anne’s recovery,’ and expressed their gratitude to the medical staff who have cared for her in hospital.Paying tribute to the actor, the spokesperson said: ‘Anne had a huge heart and touched everyone she met