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Abbie Chatfield - Abbie Chatfield speaks out on Konrad breakup rumours - - Australia
Abbie Chatfield speaks out on Konrad breakup rumours
WATCH BELOW: Abbie Chatfield hits out at body shamers "picking apart" her figure“It’s really exhausting,” Abbie told The Daily Telegraph.“I am a natural oversharer, so it comes naturally, but sometimes I do have negative repercussions where people expect me to tell them everything in my personal life, and they also expect that my life is entirely what they see online,” she said.Abbie hosts a nightly radio show called Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield, as well as a podcast called It’s A Lot, so talking about her life has always been central to her brand.Abbie with Konrad.However, she remained pretty quiet this week when news broke that Konrad had publicly shared new of their breakup.Daily Mail Australia reported that Konrad had arrived on set to film a new reality TV show, The Challenge, and had told his fellow cast members that he was single, with Abbie making the call to end things.Their source also claimed he had hooked up with Megan Marx, a Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star who is also rumoured to be starring on the show.Abbie took to Instagram to address the reports.Abbie has opted not to comment on the breakup until Konrad returns to Australia.“I’ve seen the articles about Konrad,” she wrote.“He’s out of the country so I won’t be commenting on anything until he’s home. Can everyone not be so dramatic pls and relax,” she added.“Both of us are totally okay.”While she’s yet to confirm or deny the breakup rumours, Abbie admitted that public speculation was “all part and parcel of this career, and I love my career”.“But I can’t deny that it’s very annoying.
Abbie Chatfield - Who is Megan Marx? Meet Konrad’s “new fling” after “splitting” with Abbie Chatfield -
Who is Megan Marx? Meet Konrad’s “new fling” after “splitting” with Abbie Chatfield
The rumours of Abbie Chatfield and Konrad Bień-Stephen’s split are still fresh and yet it seems Konrad has already found a new fling.According to reports Konrad has been linked to Bachelor in Paradise alum Megan Marx.WATCH BELOW: Megan Marx reveals backlash from public over bisexualitySo far Konrad and Megan haven’t commented on their connection and Abbie has been reluctant to add her opinion. Regardless, here's everything you need to know about the enigmatic Megan Marx.Meet MeganFan’s first met Megan on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor.Despite being a fan favourite, Megan dramatically quit during episode seven after telling Richie that she couldn’t fall in love with him in an environment "with such competition and intensity".After her exit, Megan revealed she’d had a unique upbringing, even getting married at 18.She revealed she had a unique childhoodIn an interview with Kyle and Jackie O she shared details about her childhood growing up in a religious ‘cult’."We didn't watch TV, [there was] no alcohol and church every day," she said.They would even perform exorcisms."In exorcisms the preacher would put his hand on your head and speak in tongue to get the demons out.”At 18 she was married to her boyfriend of four years but they split in 2014.Megan was married at 18.Although Megan didn’t find love with Richie, her time on The Bachelor certainly wasn’t wasted after making a connection with fellow contestant Tiffany Scanlon.The pair dated for less than a year but the interest in their relationship was massive.
Katie Price - Abbie Chatfield - Tiktok - TV hosts demand TikTok's 'most dangerous influencer' Andrew Tate is banned over misogyny - - Australia - Britain - USA
TV hosts demand TikTok's 'most dangerous influencer' Andrew Tate is banned over misogyny
TikTok’s most “dangerous” influencer, has been called out by hosts of The Project who have called for his removal from the video sharing platform.Tate, a British American kickboxer who turned to podcasting, has skyrocketed to infamy over his misogynistic behaviour.He has been called out for promoting a toxic “masculine” lifestyle and is considered “dangerous” due to the size of his audience and the influence he has over them.READ MORE: Katie Price claims her TikTok account was 'hacked' as she denies Carl Woods splitAndrew often speaks about degrading women and violence towards them, even having made comments about rape to his millions of followers.However, as his content begins to gain traction, more and more prominent figures in the public eye are coming forward about his behaviour.Host of The Project Rachel Corbett and Australian influencer Abbie Chatfield spoke about Tate and had some very strong opinions about his presence on TikTok.They discussed his negative message and the impact he has on young people, especially boys, who watch his content.Rachel spoke out and said: “Kids look at Instagram and TikTok and the idea of 11.6 billion views as a success. That then says that those views must be good because: ‘Look how famous [Tate] is, so then I want to emulate that’.
Abbie Chatfield - Abbie Chatfield hits back at body shamers in candid post -
Abbie Chatfield hits back at body shamers in candid post
WATCH BELOW: Abbie Chatfield hits out at body shamers "picking apart" her figureTaking to Instagram on Thursday night, the new Masked Singer panellist revealed she's constantly inundated with comments and DMs about her body.While not all of them are "negative", the messages leave her feeling objectified and picked at in a way that can be deeply triggering for some people."People are very comfortable picking apart your body and not in a 'negative' way or in a malicious way, it's just bizarre," she explained in a frustrated video.Abbie explained why it was hard to have her appearance picked apart.Abbie explained that people often leave back-handed compliments on photos of her body or send her private messages when they notice she's gained or lost weight.And she's not the only one experiencing it, the star adding that most women in the public eye have to battle messages like these every day."The first category is people pointing out things about my body and saying things like 'I could never be as confident as you to show my stomach like that'… or 'the fat rolls on your stomach love heart [emoji]'," she said."It's not that I'm offended about the term 'fat rolls' … it's that you have picked apart my body… and a photo of me or a video of me has now become all about me making a statement by just existing.""I don't like it, it makes me really irritated."Posting something as simple as a photo at the beach or posing in a crop top can lead to a flood of messages congratulating her for "daring" to exist in a body that doesn't always fit the "traditional media's" beauty standards.But what some people would consider flattering, Abbie just finds frustrating."I don't like it, it makes me really irritated.
Abbie Chatfield - Why this NRL jersey has Abbie Chatfield fuming - - city Sandiland
Why this NRL jersey has Abbie Chatfield fuming
WATCH: The two-word DM that Abbie Chatfield just had to call outSeven Manly Sea Eagles players stood down after the club announced the pride jersey would be worn as a one-off during this week's game against the Roosters to support LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the league.Josh Aloiai, Jason Saab, Christian Tuipulotu, Josh Schuster, Haumole Olakau'atu, Tolutau Koula and Toafofoa Sipley are against wearing the jersey due to their religious beliefs.Abbie, who's long been a vocal ally of the LGBT community, blasted the players on her Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield podcast.Abbie didn't mince her words on the issue."Sorry that you are homophobic, you're so homophobic," she said on Monday night."I mean, I can't say this on radio, but just stand them down."READ NEXT: Viewers react to Abbie Chatfield’s new X-rated showThe 27-year-old also claimed the NRL stars were "hypocritical", as they took no issue with playing at stadiums covered in alcohol and gambling sponsors which would also be deemed "as a sin".In fact, the jersey they're protesting features Pointsbet as a major sponsor, with the betting company's logo in massive print across the chest.The Manly Sea Eagles jersey in question features thing rainbow lines."Basically if you're a Sea Eagles player who isn't going to play because of a little rainbow on your shirt, you're embarrassing and you're weak so see ya," the former Bachelor star said."Don't be homophobic in this day and age.
Abbie Chatfield - We finally have a Masked Singer 2022 premiere date! - - Australia
We finally have a Masked Singer 2022 premiere date!
Masked Singer fans, mark your calendars - we finally have a premiere date for the 2022 season and it's sooner than expected.WATCH: The Masked Singer returns in 2022Strap yourselves in, because according to Network 10, our favourite bonkers reality series will premiere its brand new season on Sunday, 7 August at 7.30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.Raising the bar once again when it comes to the show's infamous wild costumes, this year will see contestants such as Popcorn, Thong, Snapdragon, Caterpillar, Rooster, Snapdragon and Blowfly and more.Following the departures of Dannii Minogue, Urzila Carlson and Jackie O, three new spots opened up on the judging panel alongside veteran Dave Hughes.Now, the vacancies have officially been filled by radio's Chrissie Swan, Bachelor alum and presenter Abbie Chatfield, and former Spice Girl Mel B.The new panellists include Mel B and Chrissy Swan.Plus, host extraordinaire Osher Günsberg will once again return for the fourth season of Australia’s addictive singing competition.With mystery celebrities coming from Australia and worldwide to perform, the panel must use their combined showbiz know-how to unravel who is behind the mask - with undoubtedly hilarious results.Speaking of heading Down Under to add some international spice to the country’s biggest guessing game, Mel B said, “Hello Australia. I have missed you so much but I am back and I can’t wait to get the party started with Hughesy, Abbie and Chrissie."Let me tell you though, I am the best-ever game player and I have something up my sleeve that none of these guys have… I’ve hidden behind these masks as a competitor not once but twice.
Byron Bay - Abbie Chatfield - Brooke Blurton - Konrad Bień-Stephen celebrates girlfriend Abbie Chatfield on her birthday -
Konrad Bień-Stephen celebrates girlfriend Abbie Chatfield on her birthday
WATCH BELOW: The moment Konrad Bien-Stephens said "I love you" to Abbie ChatfieldHAPPY MF BIRTHDAY TO MY ICONIC QUEEN,” he began, all in capitals.“My little lizard, my little hoofed gremlin ungulate @abbiechatfield,” he continued, listing all number of odd descriptors for his partner.“Pinching myself every day, how did I get so lucky? Proud of you baby and proud to be your partner. I’m always here for you.“Imagine if you could catch and throw you would be unstoppable,” he joked at the end."Imagine if you could catch and throw you would be unstoppable."The adorable couple began celebrating earlier in the week, with Konrad gifting Abbie a very special necklace in honour of their dog, Marco, who recently passed away.Konrad had his fingerprint and Marco’s toe print printed onto either side of a circular pendant, which was then attached to a chain for Abbie to wear.“They made a pinky promise that Konrad would take care of me after Marco had gone,” Abbie explained on Instagram.“This is the best present I have ever received and means so much more after the last week without my little Prince,” she wrote.Konrad and Marco made a paw pinky promise.Adopting Marco was a big step for Abbie and Konrad, who also moved in together around the same time.The pair met at the end of 2021, taking up together in October after a chance meeting in Byron Bay.They were introduced by a mutual friend, and were papped kissing at a pub in the coastal NSW town.The moment was marred by controversy though, given that Konrad had been a contestant on Brooke Blurton’s season of The Bachelorette, which was still airing at the time.WATCH: Abbie Chatfield says she's in an open relationship. Story continues below.But since then, the pair have only gone from
Abbie Chatfield - Abbie Chatfield lashes Holly and Jimmy's OnlyFans claims - - Australia - city Kingston
Abbie Chatfield lashes Holly and Jimmy's OnlyFans claims
Married At First Sight OnlyFans drama, hitting back at comments made by fellow Bachie alums Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston.WATCH: Abbie reveals unseen messages with Jimmy and Holly On Tuesday night the winning Bachelor couple took to Instagram to share their opinion on the rising trend of reality TV stars turning to the adult content site to make money.The couple announced that they had no plans to join “sell nudes online” on the platform, Jimmy adding that he would rather see TV personalities start charities or use their platforms to set an example for younger Australians.You can watch the original videos Holly and Jimmy shared here.Their comments sparked a huge wave of debate and fellow Bachelor alum Abbie was quick to share her opinion on her own Instagram Stories.Abbie took aim at the couple, calling their views "misogynistic".Calling the message Holly and Jimmy shared “sex work shaming”, “very problematic” and “misogynistic” she revealed that she messaged Holly within moments of the Stories being uploaded.READ NEXT: The Bachelor Australia couples: Where are they now?“I messaged her explaining what was wrong with it in the hopes that a private message from me, someone who has hung out with them before, would then cause them to sit and think about what they posted and maybe post an apology,” Abbie said.She shared a screenshot of the message she sent to Holly, where she called the couple’s comments “the opposite of progressive” and encouraged them to stop “shaming marginalized communities”.
Jackie O - Kyle O - Abbie Chatfield - Olivia Frazer - Meet the new Masked Singer judges: Abbie Chatfield, Chrissie Swan and Mel B -
Meet the new Masked Singer judges: Abbie Chatfield, Chrissie Swan and Mel B
The Masked Singer is coming back for a new season in 2022 and it's just revealed a whole new judging panel - well, except for Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes of course.WATCH: The Masked Singer scandal: 'Faked moments exposed'Along with Hughesy, new faces Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield and former Spice Girl Mel B will be taking seats at the bench as they attempt to guess which celebrities are hiding under this season's elaborate costumes.In a post announcing the new line-up, the official Masked Singer Instagram account wrote: "We're never short of surprises, so we've decided to give you three! Let's hear it for our new Panelists!"@chrissieswan, @abbiechatfield and @officialmelb join @dhughesy and our favourite Host @osher_gunsberg on #MaskedSingerAU"Meet the new judges of The Masked Singer!Singers Jack Vidgen and Alli Simpson, both of whom shared a screen with Abbie Chatfield during their joint stint on I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, took to the comments section, with the former penning "Iconic" and the latter writing sharing a series of celebratory emojis.READ NEXT: Jack Vidgen confronts substance abuse in deeply personal new musicMeanwhile, the new judges themselves also shared their excitement about joining the hit show via their respective Instagram accounts.Chrissie Swan said she was "thrilled" to be joining the "stellar judging panel", while calling the program "the most delightfully bonkers show on tv".Abbie is among the three new judges this year.Hughesy also shared his excitement for "fun times ahead".The announcement of the new judging panel comes soon after former judge Jackie O revealed she was leaving the show to spend more time with her daughter, Kitty.READ NEXT: Olivia Frazer claims Kyle and Jackie O have
Abbie Chatfield - Can three Bachies save the franchise? It doesn't look good - - Australia
Can three Bachies save the franchise? It doesn't look good
The Bachelor and fan reactions were… mixed, to say the least.WATCH: Meet the three men on The Bachelors 2022While some Bachie diehards were thrilled by the idea of a fresh new format with more eligible men on their TVs, others were disappointed with the casting.This year’s Bachelors are Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Philbin-Malucelli and Jedidiah “Jed” McIntosh, three seemingly straight, white Aussie men.Though they come from different industries and walks of life, the newly released promo photos suggest that diversity may not have been front of mind when Ten were casting this season.Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Philbin-Malucelli and Jedidiah “Jed” McIntosh are the 2022 Bachelors.Former Bachie contestant Abbie Chatfield weighed in on her radio show, Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield, saying: "Why isn’t there not one person of colour? I’m hoping at least one of them is bisexual.”“The jokes are funny, but real talk — what does the #TheBachelorsAU franchise have against putting POCs [people of colour] as leads?” journalise Isha Bassi tweeted.“Would it kill them to have some more diversity that’s actually representative of Australia instead of casting not one, not two, but THREE white males in the series?”Fans of the show flooded the snaps shared to the official Bachelor Instagram page with comments like “great diversity” and “three white men? Groundbreaking”.Megan Pustetto wasn't impressed with the new leading men.So Dramatic’s Megan Pustetto wrote: “Three Bachelors and yet not one is a POC? Ugh”“They’ve got 3 of them and they’re all white?? The math ain’t math-ing,” another viewer wrote, a third adding: “White man. White man.
Anthony Albanese - Abbie Chatfield - Who is Anthony Albanese’s partner Jodie Haydon? - - Australia - city Melbourne - city Canberra - city Newtown
Who is Anthony Albanese’s partner Jodie Haydon?
WATCH: Anthony Albanese's personal messages to partner Jodie and son Nathan during his victory speechWhile she doesn’t really have an official title as it stands, we can expect to see a whole lot more of Jodie over the coming months and years as Mr Albanese settles into his new role.RELATED: Abbie Chatfield lashes out over election results - read here.She’ll most likely be living with him between the PM’s residences in Canberra and Kirribilli, NSW, attending flashy events and meeting important people on his arm.So who is Jodie and why is she going to be a woman to watch in the next few years? Keep scrolling to find out.Jodie and Mr Albanese (who shall be affectionately known as Albo for the rest of this piece) met in 2020 at an event in Melbourne, where they bonded over a love for the Rabbitohs.He called for any South Sydney NRL supporters in the crowd to make themselves known and Jodie called out “up the Rabbitohs!”.Not the most romantic way to start things, but soon after Jodie “slid into his DMs” on Twitter and made the first real move.“I knew that we both followed the same footy team, we both have a love for the Inner West and I think I said in that direct message: ‘hey, we’re both single’,” she told you believe Jodie “slid into his DMs” on Twitter?Albo, who had split from his wife of almost 20 years in 2019, wasn’t looking for love when he agreed to meet Jodie for a drink – but that’s what he got.“We had what I thought would just be a drink at Young Henrys in Newtown, and we got on really well.
Abbie Chatfield - Love Island’s Tina Provis breaks her silence on split with Mitchell Hibberd -
Love Island’s Tina Provis breaks her silence on split with Mitchell Hibberd
Love Island winner Tina Provis has opened up about the end of her relationship with Mitchell Hibberd, addressing cheating rumours with Abbie Chatfield on her podcast It’s A Lot.WATCH BELOW: Love Island's Tina Provis discusses her breakup with Abbie ChatfieldRumours of cheating between the reality TV couple had been bubbling away for a few weeks since the pair announced their split in February.Tina confirmed to Abbie that Mitch had not cheated, but rather moved on very quickly with fellow Love Island co-star Emily Ward.Emily, Mitch, and Tina had been in a love triangle on the show, with Mitch torn between the two girls after Emily’s entrance a few days into the show.Mitch and Tina won Love Island together at the end of 2021.“I found out that about five days after we had broken up, before we’d publicly announced it, that a certain couple of people had hooked up with each other,” Tina revealed.“So, it was Emily and Mitch,” Abbie cut in.“I feel like there’s no right or wrong in this situation, given we weren’t together,” Tina said.“You are free to hook up, date, move on in whatever way you see and feel fit, but I think there’s also a way to go about things and a way to give people respect, particularly when we hadn’t announced it publicly and had agreed it was going to be kept in private…“I also feel … I’m only human, it’s never nice to see your ex move on with someone else.”"It’s never nice to see your ex move on with someone else.”Their split was followed by a trip to the Gold Coast, where Tina was told about the hook up from Emily herself, leaving her devastated.“I’m not going to lie, there were some … profanities used in the club, I did run onto the street and have a moment.“It was like the scream-cry … it was very