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Woman with size K bust needs walking stick as chest gets crushed by two stone boobs

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NHS until she sheds some weight.Anji, from Llandudno, North Wales, said: "The doctors have said they want me to lose half my body weight and be around 10 or 11 stone, which of course I'd love to be."The thing is my breasts weigh about a stone each at least.""I wear a size 40K and have to change my bras every couple of months because the underwires break."I have to spend so much money on 'granny' bras that I get commissioned from Poland - they cost about £80 for the cheapest."I don't leave the house unless I go shopping but whenever I do I bring my walking stick with me."I get sores and sweat rashes under my breasts, it's just agony and sometimes they itch to the point there is bruising."The straps cut into my skin and I have bruises and scars on my shoulders and indents from my bras."Anji added: "People bump into me all the time.

A number of times I've come home with bruises on my breasts because someone has accidentally knocked into me because they protrude out so much."I'm not able to wear a bra lying down as the whole weight of them concentrated on my chest means I can't breathe."I'm very worried that I'm now getting to a point where I will be permanently disabled because of it."The actress had to start wearing bras from the young age of seven as a result of precocious puberty, which is when the body starts to change too soon.She said: "I got used to the idea of hiding away because I didn't want people to see."It was also a topic of discussion with the girls and boys in my school and people would leer and stare downwards."I remember when I told my 'friends' my cup size, then a double-G size, they said 'you're not called Anji anymore, you're called An-GG'."She then began to visit her GP when she was 13, and she started.

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