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Woman with naturally large boobs reveals comments she has to endure from both sexes

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TikTok to detail the crude remarks made to her by random men and women in a clip showing her bust in a low-cut swimsuit. She claims that “random men” will stare at her, and will say things like: "Nice t*ts luv."But Katy also claims that she will get comments from women saying: “You should donate some to me", “are they even real?” and “People pay fortunes for those”.Meanwhile, middle-aged women say: “Your back must get sore.

You should probably cover up though.”She posted the video, captioned: "Truth #bustygirlprobs."And it would appear that many larger-busted women could relate to her experiences as one woman said: "Never seen anything so relatable in my life."Another added: “I feel you.”A third wrote: "I know what this is like."A fourth said: "OMG I get this too!”, to which Katy replied: “So annoying.”“OMG, this is too relatable!

But you have made me buy this swimsuit – you look amazing xx," a fifth comment said.But one man tried to defend men's actions by claiming: “Men are biologically programmed to look.

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