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Woman receives brutal text that lover is cheating – with four other women

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cheating on you is never nice.Knowing they have been disloyal and bonked someone else is one of them gut-wrenching moments many people hope to never experience.But this one woman found out the lad had been sleeping with not just one but four other women at once – in the most brutal way.Mika Moniska was put into a group chat with five other people and only had one of them as a prior contact.

And, then the bombshell hit.An unknown woman sent a text warning the four other women that the guy had been sleeping with all of them.She also shared that he was in her “sheets” only a couple of nights beforehand.Mika took to TikTok to share the brutal text, which included the Lothario's number.The incriminating message said: “Hello ladies!

Hope this message finds you great! "I don’t think any of us know each other BUT we share a man in common [name blurred].“Just wanted to come to you all 'as a woman' because he was in my sheets a couple of nights ago and I did not know about you all.

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