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Woman enjoys gut-busting cheat meal before getting 80% of stomach removed

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diets, being in pain and frequently using the toilet because of the condition. The professional beautician decided to book a trip to Turkey and get a gastric sleeve operation to aid her with her weight loss – which has now left her with a “child size” stomach.

But, before Lauren committed to the life changing op, she went all out and ordered a “fat b***h dinner” for one last hurrah.She happily tucked into two large Domino's pizzas with an array of sides with her friend, which she posted to TikTok and where it quickly racked up 2.1 million views.In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, Lauren has revealed how she enjoyed her final “fat b***h dinner” and how her gastric sleeve has already changed her life in a matter of months.She explained: “For nearly seven years now I have been struggling with IBS which was causing me a lot of weight gain.“Within the last year it got incredibly worse to the point where I was unable to eat three balanced meals a day as I would be in pain or on the toilet constantly.“I would starve myself all day to prevent myself from this happening whilst I had clients to attend to all day."I would then be so hungry in the evening I would have one big meal which I would then be in discomfort and on the toilet all evening.“This didn’t help my weight at all having a diet like this daily. "I was gaining more and more weight making me unhealthy, depressed and tired and I didn’t enjoy eating food anymore.“I wanted to change my life.”“So after 6 months of research I found that taking the weight loss surgery route is what will help me straight away and in the long run.”Having 80% of your stomach removed comes with great sacrifice – Lauren will no longer be able to tuck into a “fat b***h dinner” again.She.

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