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Will takeaways and chippies be closed on the bank holiday for Queen’s funeral?

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Fish and chips have become almost like a trademark of Britishness.They are one of the first dishes on a pub menu and foreigners have been known to cite it as the first thing that comes to mind when asked what they think of Brits.In fact, King Charles III himself is known to be impartial to a chip or two, and the late Queen was very particular about she liked hers.Chippies are synonymous with Fridays due to Britain’s Christian past.Although it is largely becoming a lost tradition, Christians have historically refrained from eating meat on Fridays, making the dish a popular choice.Queues outside chippies continue to be common sights at the end of the working week.The Queen's funeral is not on a Friday, but on Monday September 19, with the occasion being declared a bank holiday.Takeaway owners will have to decide whether they want the day off themselves or to open to the public.Fish and chip shops are privately-run ventures in the main, so it will be up to owners of the fryers as to whether they stay shut on Monday.The UK Government has said that there is "no obligation to suspend business" during the national mourning period following the Queen's death on Thursday (September 8).Given that most of the major supermarkets are closed throughout the bank holiday, takeaways might find it is a good time to open for business.The likes of Aldi, Lidl, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Iceland and M&S have said most of their regular shops will be closed on Monday.Other brands, such as Tesco and Co-op will close certain stores early or open after 5pm.It could mean there are hungry Britons with bare cupboards who could fancy venturing to their local chippy on Monday.The Queen is said to have liked her fish and chips cooked in a "refined".

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