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Why Tyler Perry Paid Cicely Tyson $1M For A Day's Work

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Cicely Tyson was a highly regarded actress in life, and is now recalled fondly for her legacy and lengthy career in death. But one director, in particular, made sure to give Tyson her proverbial flowers while the treasured actress was still earthside and actively working in Hollywood.

While discussing his life and career with AARP Magazine, Tyler Perry opened up about working with the legendary actress in her early 80’s, and paying her well above the average to show his appreciation for her skills and honor her work. “This woman had done so many amazing things, but she wasn’t well compensated for it.

She made $6,000 for Sounder, you know?” Perry told the magazine. Tyson was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role as Rebecca Morgan in the 1972 family drama.“I wanted to make sure she knew that there were people who valued her.

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