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US military fired Hellfire missiles at '12ft jellyfish-like UFO' in active war zone

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UFO sightings ever recorded has claimed US military recently fired on a mysterious "jellyfish-like" craft. Jeremy Corbell hit headlines last year when he posted a collection of videos showing unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) that had been spotted by US Navy vessels.

One showed pyramid-like craft while another captured an object appearing to submerge under water – with the Pentagon confirming many of the sightings as authentic.READ MORE: Nine US Navy warships were 'swarmed by up to 100 UFOs' over one month period Jeremy, who previously told Daily Star there was footage of a "war zone" encounter, says UFO sightings in such areas have increased dramatically since 2021.

Appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience, the LA-based documentary maker said there were "rules about whether or not" to fire upon them.He added that he had been "exposed to documents" which explained a decision is made on whether the craft have a payload – and therefore prove a threat.And one particular UAP encounter left Jeremy astounded. "We see other countries firing on these," he continued. " Russia, Syria – we know it's not their assets so the question is, who are these? "I have images of one of these.

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