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Trevor Noah Uses Liam Neeson’s Daughter as Exhibit A for New Yorkers Who Need a Handgun (Video)

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The Supreme Court’s striking down of a New York gun law that, for that last 100 years, restricted the issuance of carry-conceal permits to those citizens who proved they needed to carry a handgun. “Like maybe someone is making threats against you,” Noah said in his monologue. “Or, or, or, maybe you’re Liam Neeson’s daughter, and people keep trying to kidnap you — even thought it seems like it would be way easier to kidnap anyone else’s daughter at this point.

And the Supreme Court has said to New York, ‘You can’t do that anymore.”Many are the cinephiles who love a good night of streaming with Neeson’s “Taken” trilogy filling the bill, and it seems Noah and “The Daily Show” know the beauty all too well.The host went on to highlight the positives of the news.“Because I don’t know about you guys but whenver I’ve been sitting in rush-hour traffic in New York with drivers screaming at each other and bikers cussing out the drivers and pedestrians whaling at the bikers and the drivers, one thing I always think is, ‘Man, one thing that would calm this down is if everyone had a gun right now.” Watch the full segment from “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” at the top of this post.

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