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Tom Cruise 'Top Gun: Maverick' praised in film reviews by movie critics

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Maverick is back on the big screen and film critics are hailing it as a triumphant return forTom Cruise, praising the actor'sawe-inspiring stunts flying an actual fighter jet in Top Gun: Maverick.The sequel to Tony Scott's classic 1986 blockbuster has been unanimously praised in early reviews with one even declaring that it'improves upon the original in every conceivable way.'Cruise, 59, has reprised his role US Navy pilot LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, and reunites with Val Kilmer who is also back in a small cameo part playing LT Tom "Iceman" Kazansky.Variety film criticPeter Debruge calls the film a 'barrier-breaking sequel' that succeeds because of its 'perfectly coordinated teamwork' among six pilots, rather than it being 'The Tom Cruise Show.' Maverick's triumphant return!

Tom Cruise's 'exhilarating' Top Gun 2 is praised by film critics in rave first reviews saying it 'improves upon the original in every conceivable way'Cruise, who is famous for doing his own stunts, is said to have trained to withstand g-force power and actually flew in real fighter jets for the sequel.'These days, videogame-styled blockbusters rely so heavily on CGI that it’s thrilling to see the impact of gravity on actual human beings, pancaked to their chairs by multiple G-forces,' Debruge enthuses.'The result is the most immersive flight simulator audiences will have ever experienced, right down to the great Dolby roar of engines vibrating through their seats.'Peter Hoskin for the Daily Mail gave the film five stars, writing: 'Whenever the film threatens to become too cosy, it shocks itself – and us – back into the present with another madly ambitious action sequence.''The final mission, with fighter jets buzzing around a snowscape, is an.

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