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‘This Is Us’ Creator Dan Fogelman On Series Finale’s Last Lines & Frame, MIA Eulogies & Audio, Randall’s Political Future, Possible Spinoffs & More

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This is it for This Is Us. In conjunction with tonight’s emotional series finale of the NBC family drama (You can read our recap with additional details here), creator/executive producer Dan Fogelman breaks down the episode and answers questions about key moments and scenes, including his choice of final lines of dialogue and shot and the decision not to show Big Three’s eulogies of their mom.

He also speaks about filmed but unused footage, Randall’s political future, potential spinoffs and addresses dog Audio’s fate.As Fogelman has previously revealed, about two-thirds of the finale had been written by him and shot about four years ago and the other third he had loosely mapped out in his mind for a long time.

That included the scenes of Jack, Rebecca and young Big Three spending Saturday together in the old house as well as Randall and William discussing mortality and the joys of being a grandparent.The choices of This Is Us‘ final lines and shot:As imaginary Jack and Rebecca in the caboose tell each other “I love you,” the finale ends with a montage to a sweeping score previously used in the Season 1 episode when Kevin showed his painting to his nieces.

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