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The Queen: Kelly Holmes explains why she's wearing bright orange suit on ITV News when everyone else is in black

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paid tribute to the Queen as whenever she met the monarchy she wore colourful, bright outfits. Tom asked Kelly her opinion on Lizz Truss' and Keir Starmer's speeches in the House of Common which paid tribute to the Queen.

The former athlete appeared slightly emotional as she praised the politicians and also showed admiration for King Charles III. READ MORE: The Queen dies aged 96: Family remain at Balmoral Castle as King Charles expected to travel to LondonShe said: "I think both speeches were very powerful.

I think they covered the enormity of what we have lost now. I think the transition, personally, we have a new king who has just lost his mother, who was a grandmother. "She added: " I suffered the loss of my own mother, I just feel he's going to come to the biggest speech of his life at the time of mourning. "While Kelly paid a lovely tribute to the Queen, some ITV news viewers were left confused over her choice of clothing unaware her orange suit is actually her own tribute to the Queen.

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