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The Chase fans fume over contestant's 'predictable' tactics for other teammates

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The Chase fans were left fuming after noticing a contestant's "predictable" tactics. Bradley Walsh returned to host another episode of the popular ITV game show and welcomed four new hopefuls.The fourth contestant was Will, a mortgage broker from London, and it wasn't long before viewers picked up on his tactics.51-year-old Soo was the first player in line and scored £7,000 in her cash builder.When deciding which offer to take from Anne Hegerty, Will chimed: "I think you should go for the higher offer, if you want to fly to America, you should go, first-class - take the higher offer."Up next was 26-year-old Dom who scored an impressive £8,000 in his cash builder, but The Governess tempted him with £30,000.When he turned to speak to the panel, Will said: "Dom I think £30,000 is a fantastic offer, make your dreams come true."Viewers began to pick up on Will's tactics and immediately took to social media.One user penned: "Think will was desperate for someone to go high so he could go low #TheChase.""Waiting to see if Will goes high, after telling the others to," another tweeted.Office manager Nicola was the third contestant to play and was offered £37,000 to move a step closer to the chaser.Will quipped: "Well I don't want to sound like a broken record but £37,000 seems like a great option."Eventually it came to Will's turn and Anne, 63 said: "You've told everyone else to go high, will you have the nerve yourself?" before offering him a whopping £62,000.The mortgage broker decided to stick with the £7,000 he earned in the cash builder because there was "no one telling [him] to take the higher offer."Fans immediately took to social media to fume over Will's "predictable" tactics.One wrote: "Will telling everyone else to go.

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