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The Catholic German duke who some believe has right to be real king of England

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Charles III was proclaimed king due to his position as head of the House of Windsor following the Queen's death.But what if the claim to be king of the UK could lie with someone else entirely?What if there was a duke in Germany who some believe have just as much claim to the crown as its new incumbent?The Jacobite movement has passed its heyday but there remains a small but dedicated following who continue to keep a record of an alternative line of succession dating back more than 300 years.The TV series Outlander brought the Jacobite row back into popular discussion and some still commemorate the 17th century battles that took place in the row over who was the rightful heir to the throne.So who were the so-called “pretenders” to the throne — and why is the current would-be heir a German duke?The Jacobite succession comes from a belief that the descendants of the House of Stuart still have a claim to rule over the UK.It dates back to trouble for the monarchy in the 17th century.James II (James VII in Scotland) was a monarch from the House of Stuart who succeeded his brother, Charles II, in 1685.However, his Catholic religion proved a stumbling block for protestant England and in some parts of Scotland.James was deposed during the Glorious Revolution in 1688 by his protestant daughter Mary and her husband, William III of Orange, a Dutch ruler.Mary took the crown despite James II having a son with his Catholic second wife.

The rules at the time said the first male child should be the monarch's heir, even if they are not the eldest.James II fled the country which was taken as an abdication of the throne.

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