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The Cast and Creator of This Is Us Answer All Your Questions About the Series Finale

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This Is Us fans, I know what you're thinking: You want more. , more reveals, more Pearsons. That's how you know you have a good series finale—you just don't want to say goodbye.

My advice: Watch it again. And then again. This is the kind of episode that creeps up on you slowly, but each word is so intentional, every action so crucial, that it's hard to pick up on everything in one viewing.

Besides, don't you want to experience that final montage in which Jack helps Rebecca cross over? It's as poignant and perfect a goodbye as you'll ever find on TV.There were the big reveals: Randall is considering an exploratory presidential campaign, and Deja is having a son. (Read our recap .) But the episode also left us with questions.

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