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Solve this tricky puzzle in under 10 seconds to prove your smarts - - Britain - Spain - California
Solve this tricky puzzle in under 10 seconds to prove your smarts
warned of wildfires from the drought as well as possible blackouts due to the extreme heat, Spain is seeing devastating wildfires and the UK experienced one of its hottest summers in 46 years.In response to the high temperatures, the UK has announced a nationwide ban on water-hose use — perhaps a concept California wishes the Kardashian family, who were recently named among the worst water wasters, would enact upon themselves.To remind people of the ban and encourage them to have some fun indoors while they practice water conservation, the team at PlayOJO thought up a tricky brain teaser with a hose-filled illustration.Take a peek at this illusion and try to connect the dripping spray nozzle to the correct water hose through the maze of tangled hoses and outdoor debris.Only 25% of people were able to unravel the water hose and find the spray nozzle in 10 seconds or less, according to PlayOJO.Think you’re smarter than the average person? Try to solve this visual puzzle faster than your friends.This challenge doesn’t come so naturally to everyone as it requires a keen eye, mental concentration or just some good luck.Search through five different hoses (options A, B, C, D or E) to determine which one connects to the dripping nozzle.If the twists and turns along the way don’t distract you, beware the rain boots, rubber gloves and other gardening gear that clog up the looping paths.Most of the winding hoses will lead to a leaking tap, but a sharp eye will catch that option D leads to the spray nozzle.
Bride and groom marry at bizarre jerky wedding: ‘Calling all meat heads’ - - Britain
Bride and groom marry at bizarre jerky wedding: ‘Calling all meat heads’
There’s nothing like a “meat cute” — especially when it involves falling in love over pork jerky.A couple from the UK experienced love at first bite over their shared fondness for the cured sausage snack Peperami, deciding to take their love for each other — and the cured meat snack — to the next level, tying the knot in a meat-themed wedding.“We take it along with us on days out, enjoy it during movie nights and we even have a stash of it on our bedside table so we can easily reach for it from our bed,” Francesca Brooke-Fenton, 37 told“It’s fair to say we are obsessed with the snack!” her now-husband Luke Hindmarsh, 33, added. “I proposed last New Year’s Eve during a hotel stay at a fancy Harrogate hotel whilst Francesca was pregnant.”The pair recently welcomed a son, Cielo, to their family and couldn’t wait to tie the knot in a very unique way.The pair said they always wanted to do something a bit “crazy” when they got married, but weren’t sure how — until they thought about the contents of their kitchen cupboard.“Peperami played a big part of the start of our relationship — we both are genuinely in love with the snack, so it made perfect sense to us to have it become center for our big day,” Brooke-Fenton gushed.“I contacted the company about a month ago and expressed our long-lasting obsession for the brand.