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Williams - Dad, 59, paralysed by freak tummy bug on tropical holiday suing TUI for £5million - - Dominican Republic
Dad, 59, paralysed by freak tummy bug on tropical holiday suing TUI for £5million
travel agency TUI for £5million.William Marsh, 59, claims he had picked up severe food poisoning while on a luxury holiday in the Dominican Republic, with an infection so bad it left him paralysed.Marsh, from Wales, believes the freak reaction and severe food poisoning left him paralysed and he is now suing TUI through London's High Court for a hefty £5million.READ MORE: Boy, 6, dies after rattlesnake bites him on family bike ride and turns him purpleWilliam and wife Kathryn had been celebrating their silver wedding anniversary at an all-inclusive stay at the Rui Naiboa hotel when William fell ill.Stomach cramps and diarrhoea rendered William ill, and rather than recovering after a few days, the 59-year-old struggled to get back to work as an engineer when he had returned from his holiday.A sudden onset of paralysis changed William's life, and he has subsequently decided to sue TUI, which he booked the trip through, citing the poor hygiene and food preparation services of the Rui Naiboa. Lawyers representing William claim a bacterial infection picked up at the hotel has caused a devastating neurological disease to take hold of the 59-year-old, who now suffers from Guillain-Barre Syndrome.William's immune system is now attacking nerves rather than fighting to block germs from entering his system.Despite this, TUI have denied blame and dispute that the hotel was the source of the toxic bug, with the case reaching London High Court last week in a preliminary hearing.
TUI flight circles Manchester airport for hours following emergency alert - - Manchester - county Atlantic - Cape Verde
TUI flight circles Manchester airport for hours following emergency alert
MEN.Flight TOM5GM has been circling over the north west for hours as it looks for a way to land back on the airport runway.The plane sent a 7700 “Squawk” code signalling an emergency at 13,000ft shortly after departing at 10.30am. READ MORE: Plus size model turns down countless offers to go on holiday from swooning fans The flight was heading to Cape Verde, an island country in the Atlantic Ocean, and had already been delayed before take-off.The BOEING 767-300 sent the 7700 Squawk code, which immediately alerts Air Traffic Control to an aircraft in distress.This could indicate a technical or engineering issue with the aircraft.The flight set off shortly after 10.30am and circled for more than two hours as it looked to land back at the airport.Website FlightAware shows a flight path with multiple circling routes east of Manchester as well as West and North of the city.The plane was originally supposed to touch down at 1.30pm, but instead touched down in Manchester just after 1pm.The flight was met by ambulances and firetrucks on the tarmac.A Manchester Airport spokesperson said they were aware of a "flight that has decided to return to Manchester”.A spokesperson for TUI said: "We can confirm flight TOM216 to Boa Vista, Cape Verde, has returned to Manchester Airport this afternoon due to a technical issue.