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Jeremy Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson fears he will 'talk himself out of a job' as he slams 'preposterous' issue - express - Britain
Jeremy Clarkson fears he will 'talk himself out of a job' as he slams 'preposterous' issue
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, is concerned that one of his jobs is running the risk of being axed due to the economic situation.The star, who rose to fame driving fast vehicles on BBC’s Top Gear, before moving over to Amazon Prime Video’s The Grand Tour, is now also writing a motoring column.However, Jeremy is now worrying that people will be unable to afford to buy any of the new vehicles he is busy reviewing.In the presenter’s review of the Volkswagen T-Roc, which was published today, he explained that fuel bills are now getting so high, consumers will lose interest in investing in the latest cars.While empathising with his colleagues writing in the Travel section of The Sunday Times amid chaos over cancelled flights, Jeremy realised something startling about his own career.He penned: “I’m in an even more preposterous situation. “I don’t want to talk myself out of a job, but it’s difficult to see why I’m writing a motoring column this morning. “Because even if you could buy a new car, and you can’t due to the semiconductor shortage, you wouldn’t be able to afford to go anywhere in it.”Jeremy went on to predict the situation is going to get even more difficult to handle this autumn, due to the expense of heating people’s homes.The star moaned: “I’m not normally pessimistic, but come the autumn, when people have to switch on their central heating systems and the inevitable food shortage arrives, I fear that cars are going to be filed in your ‘list of important things’ below the wellbeing of your town crier and the fortunes of Plymouth Argyle.  “I may be forced to fill the time reviewing steam locomotives and VHS players instead.”It comes as the cost of living in the UK is set to skyrocket in the coming weeks.The Bank of England
Jeremy Clarkson - Anne Heche - 'Won't be enough to go round' Jeremy Clarkson plans last resort to save farm amid sad loss - express - Britain
'Won't be enough to go round' Jeremy Clarkson plans last resort to save farm amid sad loss
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, spoke about the sad loss he had experienced recently amid the UK’s brutal heatwave that saw temperatures sore above 40 degrees Celsius.The Clarkson’s Farm star also admitted that the extreme heat had made life on Diddly Squat very difficult. Jeremy spoke about the awful effect the heat wave had on farmers and their land in his latest column. The former Top Gear star wrote: “One of my pigs died from heat exhaustion, my potatoes look like sultanas, and my springs are drying up, which means that to stay alive I have to suck the moisture out of moss, or drink beer.”After losing one of his pigs, the problems didn’t stop there for Jeremy, as it seems the heat also caused trouble for his other animals.“Meanwhile, my cows are so hungry they are prepared to walk through an electric fence every day to look for food,” Jeremy wrote. READ MORE: Anne Heche 'rushed to hospital with burns as car crashes into house'“To get round the problem, I spent half a day building a proper fence with posts sunk deep into the bedrock. But even this was no deterrent to a starving ton of meat and muscle.“To try to keep them off the road, I’m using bribery, feeding them the hay I cut earlier in the year,” he explained. The star then shared a dark thought, suggesting he might be forced to eat the animals if they don’t have enough food to last the winter. “Come the winter, there won’t be enough to go round.
Richard Hammond - 'Heartbreaking!' Richard Hammond mourns loss of friend after terrifying yacht accident - express - Britain - Italy - Germany
'Heartbreaking!' Richard Hammond mourns loss of friend after terrifying yacht accident
Top Gear favourite was devastated to lose his friend, with whom he shares his well-documented passion for classic cars, and described himself as "heartbroken".Richard has stated that his late friend was his "favourite person to introduce others to" and that they had been close for years.It had barely been a month since the pair were seen together at his The Smallest Cog car restoration workshop, and the two men have also filmed for TV together.Dean, a British-German businessman who owned the Herefordshire based mask supplier Ultrafilter Medical, had been holidaying with family and friends on a luxurious yacht named 'Amore' (the Italian word for 'love') when disaster struck.The 88 foot yacht crashed into a rock wall, with himself, his wife and daughter and four other revellers on board.Police have suggested that it had been travelling at high speed when it went off course.Dean was thrown from the deck into the water, and following the shock of the impact, he went into cardiac arrest.Though he was initially rescued, he died shortly afterwards.His wife and daughter are currently being treated at a British hospital for serious injuries, while the other guests have escaped the tragic scene relatively unscathed.The impact of the crash was so severe that the bow of Dean's yacht was completely destroyed.It is believed that the captain could have swerved to avoid collision with another passing boat by the name of Sweet Dragon.However the movement caused the yacht to lose control altogether, leading to the tragic accident.The partially sunken yacht has now been recovered and taken to Porto Cervo.Meanwhile Richard gave a statement to the Daily Mail honouring his beloved friend."I'm genuinely shocked at this heartbreaking news,” he
Christine Macguinness - Nicole Appleton - Christine McGuinness promised before split she'd 'never' kick Paddy out no matter what - express - county Cheshire
Christine McGuinness promised before split she'd 'never' kick Paddy out no matter what
Top Gear host Paddy, 48, announced this month that they were going their separate ways, but she has since confirmed on Instagram that the pair will "still happily live in [the] family home together".Christine made the vow of loyalty to her beloved husband in her autobiography A Beautiful Nightmare.It had previously been rumoured that she showed Paddy the door after photos circulated of him walking arm in arm with former All Saints star, Nicole Appleton, in 2018.However the star was quick to assure fans that it wasn't the case."There were stories saying I'd kicked him out - I never did or would ever do that," she insisted."No matter how difficult things get, I would never kick my husband out."I wanted my children to have a dad at home."Nevertheless, she struggled with insecurity, admitting to breaking down in tears after her husband left the house on multiple occasions and wishing that he would simply stay at home.As she explained in A Beautiful Nightmare, her work commitments took him away from the home they shared in Cheshire all too often.Yet Christine reiterated in her book that nothing could persuade her to break up the family - her, Paddy, and their three children. "It didn't matter to me if I'd forgiven him, if I was OK with it or if I trusted him," she explained."All of that didn't count, I just wanted my children to have their father there - something I never had."The Real Housewives of Cheshire star had a "difficult" childhood, by her own account.She recalled in her book: "When I was around one, Mum found out my dad was a heroin addict."My mum longed for the relationship to work, but when I crawled over one of his needles as a toddler, she knew it was over."When her parents separated, her mother shielded her
Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - Itv - ‘They’re talking b***s’ James May conflicted over benefits of ‘woke society' of today - express - USA - Italy
‘They’re talking b***s’ James May conflicted over benefits of ‘woke society' of today, James discussed whether or not he spoke to his former co-hosts Richard Hammond or Jeremy Clarkson while filming for Our Man In Italy. He jokingly explained that he didn’t speak to them and was pleased to not have them there. James said: “No, I didn't phone them up, I was pleased not to have them [here] to be honest.“When I am making a TV show by myself, I can just keep going, it's great until the crew tell me to shut up.”The programme was thrown into doubt last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. James and his crew were supposed to be filming the series in America, but were unable to due to the restrictions. He said: “We were supposed to be [filming in] the USA and I actually announced it on Twitter and various other places.“Then about two days later we realised we couldn't do it.The problem was COVID-19 restrictions.“But Italy didn't [have restrictions] and it wasn't completely sprung on us because we always have several ideas lined up and partly, it was in our back pocket as a possible [country] for the future.“So, we haven't blown America out of the water, we just didn't do it at that time.”Speaking about the future of the series, and whether filming in America could be next as a location, James continued: “Well, it would be nice to do another one, and that all depends on how well this one is received."America is still very much on the list.So, we have a lot of ideas for America already sorted out.”
Jeremy Clarkson - Cameron Diaz - Jeremy Clarkson told former mistress he had 'turned down Madonna' for her, ex claims - express
Jeremy Clarkson told former mistress he had 'turned down Madonna' for her, ex claims
Jeremy Clarkson's ex-girlfriend Phillipa Sage has claimed the Top Gear host turned down iconic hitmaker Madonna to be with her in an excerpt of her new book, The Wonderful World of Jeremy Clarkson – My Life on the Road.The duo were reportedly together when Phillipa worked on the favourite BBC series before splitting in 2017.Now, events organiser Phillipa has claimed that Clarkson turned the Material Girl singer down for her.She also added that she met some of Hollywood's biggest A-listers while she and the Grand Tour host were together.She claimed: "On one of my first dinners with Jeremy, he claimed to have turned down Madonna to spend the evening with me"It proved to be true because Clarkson has a social life with some of the most powerful, famous and wealthy people in the world," an excerpt from her book The Wonderful World of Jeremy Clarkson – My Life on the Road with Jeremy read which was featured in The Sun.She went on to add that during the time she spent with Clarkson she met a whole host of stars and celebrities while flying first class around the world.Phillipa added that she and the Top Gear star often "holidayed on private islands" together.She went to claim she met A-list royalty Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz who she was quick to gush over.It comes after Phillipa claimed she suffered a breakdown after her relationship with Clarkson ended.Speaking on the Driven Chat Podcast last year, she said: "I think it was about seven years we were officially together."It was pretty intense and high speed."When probed on her current relationship with Clarkson, she added: "We are vaguely in touch, yeah, but I’m pretty bruised by it so I don't get too involved."Addressing the end of their relationship, Sage continued: "It took
James May - James May admits 'breaking the law' with scooter as he almost 'knocks himself out on tree' - express
James May admits 'breaking the law' with scooter as he almost 'knocks himself out on tree'
Top Gear star explained how he disregarded the “strict” rule due to a lack of space at home, thus failing to comply with the scooter’s legal requirements.He said: “As it is, I bought one in my fifties, a year and a half ago, and yes, I’ve been breaking the law.“Mine’s the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, sold to me by Halfords on the strict understanding that it was for use only on privately owned land, but I don’t have any of that and riding it up and down the kitchen really annoys my missus.”James then revealed that he has been able to use the gadget on the road, as well as in bicycle lanes, and even on the pavement.But although the TV star has heaped praise on the vehicle, he also admitted he has had close calls after trying to speed over obstacles on the pavement.He said: “At some point I met a ridge or kerb that my Brompton would have handled easily, going at a fair lick, and for several yards I continued the journey sans scooter and relying entirely on one of Monty Python’s silly walks, with added jazz hands.“I was lucky not to knock myself out on a tree,” James concluded in a column for The Times.But this isn’t the first time The Grand Tour presenter has displayed a rebellious streak, as he previously confessed he would urinate on gravestones as a child.In a recent interview, James said he used to be a “little sh**” growing up as a schoolboy.The car enthusiast spent his teenage years in South Yorkshire, where he was a choirboy at Whiston Parish Church, Rotherham.Speaking on the Comfort Eating podcast, James gave fans an insight into his teenage antics.He said: “As choirboys we were a bunch of little sh*ts.
Jeremy Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson details Buckingham Palace hoax after being told he would receive an OBE - express
Jeremy Clarkson details Buckingham Palace hoax after being told he would receive an OBE
Jeremy Clarkson, 62, has poked fun at a hoax that posed as the Department of Media, Culture and Sport and claimed he would receive an OBE from Buckingham Palace.The Top Gear star grew suspicious after receiving an “official-looking email” stating he was set to receive the honour.Jeremy wrote: “There were a couple of things that made me suspicious, though.“Number one: Why on earth would they give me an OBE? And number two: The email said it was for services to sport.“What services to sport? Turning up at Stamford Bridge once in a while.”Jeremy went on to say some “gullible” people might actually take the bait and turn up to Buckingham Palace “in a penguin suit”.“Imagine their little faces when the guard says they’re not on the list,” he added in his column for The Sun.Jeremy had previously said he thought it was unlikely he would ever receive a knighthood due to his past actions.He admitted he was "hardly a model citizen" and thus did not think he would ever get to kneel before Her Majesty at ­Buckingham Palace.In a 2020 interview, the 60-year-old said: “I think you only have to look on Wikipedia and go, ‘No, not this one’.“I’m hardly a model citizen. I just can’t in my wildest dreams imagine anybody’s going to sit there and go, ‘Queen’s Honours, I think Jeremy Clarkson’."I just can’t hear those words being spoken in an oak-panelled room in Whitehall.
Jeremy Clarkson - Richard Hammond - James May - James May says Jeremy Clarkson 'bristles' at sharing food after meal-related Top Gear axe - express - Scotland
James May says Jeremy Clarkson 'bristles' at sharing food after meal-related Top Gear axe
Jeremy Clarkson’s eating habits, sharing that the Clarkson's Farm host becomes displeased if anyone suggests they share food. It comes after Jeremy was asked to leave Top Gear in 2015 following an incident where he had hit producer Oisin Tymon.They had been involved in a dispute concerning dinner.When asked about his experience of working with Jeremy, James, who is appearing on Have I Got News for You this evening, revealed that there is an unspoken rule on set when it comes to mealtimes.He said in reference to Jeremy: “Well, we definitely don't share our food."We both bristle a bit if there is somebody says, 'Shall I order a bit of everything for everybody?'"Following their time as a presenting trio on Top Gear, James, Jeremy and Richard Hammond have worked together on The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.James described their chemistry on set.“It's something we don't understand and it can't be replicated, and it's also very delicate,” the car enthusiast told The Mirror.Richard Hammond may not agree entirely with James on this, as he once said “everything goes wrong” when he is with James and Jeremy.He once admitted that things seem to go more smoothly when he is on his own than when he's paired with his Grand Tour co-stars.In an interview with the Lancashire Post last year, he said: “Something happens when we three work together.“I remember in the special we just made in Scotland, Jeremy saying, ‘This is weird, when I go away on my own, caravans don’t suddenly become disconnected from cars, boats don’t sink, car wheels don’t just jam up and stop all of a sudden.
Richard Hammond - 'Utterly terrifying' Richard Hammond's wife Mindy talks impact of horror crash on family - express - France
'Utterly terrifying' Richard Hammond's wife Mindy talks impact of horror crash on family
Top Gear.The unearthed interview comes as the first episode of her husband's new show, Richard Hammond's Crazy Contraptions airs this evening.Mindy previously shared how Richard's behaviour changed after he sustained "brain injuries" following the accident.The Top Gear star suffered injuries after losing control of a jet-powered car when travelling at speeds of over 200mph in 2006 in a vechicle named Vampire Dragster.Speaking about the aftermath of the incident three years ago, Mindy candidly addressed her husband's recovery.The mother of two told how she wasn't sure what to expect as she made her way to the hospital her husband had been airlifted to.Richard's wife went on to tell of her heartbreak when her beau failed to recognise her while lying in his hospital bed.Mindy branded it "disconcerting" when he didn't know who she was and could only retain information for "10 seconds".She said: "When I corrected him, he responded: 'No, you're not my wife, my wife is French.'"Indeed, when he was allowed home five weeks later, it became clear that Richard's memory loss was no short-term affliction."A post shared by Richard Hammond (@richardhammond)She also explained how his personality had changed and recalled one incident where he told her to remove their daughters from the room as he became incresingly angry.Mindy wrote: "He could feel the anger welling up, and was afraid that he might not be able to control himself."It must have been utterly terrifying for him."Mindy and Richard share two daughters, Isabelle and Willow together.Richard's wife of 20 years also shared the impact that their father's crash had on their daughters at such a young age.She explained: "I tried to shield them from Daddy's illness as much as I could,
Jeremy Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson convinced Covid had struck again after waking up 'bathed in sweat' - express - Britain
Jeremy Clarkson convinced Covid had struck again after waking up 'bathed in sweat'
Jeremy Clarkson began another day on Diddly Squat Farm only to realise something was horribly wrong after waking up drenched in sweat and with agonising pain crippling his throat.The 61-year-old Top Gear presenter was instantly convinced it was Covid - or, he joked, even "tuberculosis".However the Clarkson's Farm star soon had his fears alleviated after taking multiple Covid tests.By the time of his second lateral flow session, he recalled: "I rammed the probe so far down my throat, I felt like Linda Lovelace."And so far up my nose, I actually collected a few ounces of brain matter."However to his surprise - and relief - both revealed a negative result.Yet, still convinced his symptoms could only be Covid, he then opted for a pricier and more thorough PCR test.By this stage, he revealed in The Sun, he was "coughing up what looked like lumps of coal"."I HAD to have Covid - it was so obvious," he mused."I therefore did two more PCR tests and both were resolute: I didn't."He added: "This worried me because if it wasn't Covid, what was it?"The sports car enthusiast had been left totally exhausted, so he took to a medical book to find answers."I blew away the dust and leafed through the pages, trying to work out what I had," he recounted."And it seems I have an ancient affliction which hasn't been heard of in the UK for years."It's called a cold."Jeremy had already contracted a bad case of Covid previously, leaving him to fear he might "die alone in a plastic tent".He elaborated in the Sunday Times of the horror virus: "Because I am 60 and fat, and because I've smoked half a million cigarettes and had double pneumonia, I [thought I would] probably die."Jeremy quit smoking in 2017, ending a 43-year long habit.He had originally
Paddy Macguinness - Paddy McGuinness says he and wife 'fell into depressive state' amid parenthood struggles - express
Paddy McGuinness says he and wife 'fell into depressive state' amid parenthood struggles
Comedian Paddy McGuinness and his wife Christine felt “permanently jetlagged” due to a lack of sleep caused by their twins Leo and Penelope.The couple fell into a “depressive state” until their children were around four or five years old.A Question of Sport presenter Paddy, 48, admitted he and his wife Christine, 33, were incredibly sleep-deprived in the early years of raising their children.The star made the candid admission while providing an insight into being a father to children with autism alongside his wife.Paddy and Christine share eight-year-old twins Leo and Penelope, as well as a five-year-old daughter named Felicity.The comedian confessed that a lack of sleep raising the twins had “really affected” them both.He said: “When I think back to the twins - Leo and Penelope, up to kind of being four or five years old - the lack of sleep that me and Christine had really affected us.“I think that's when I first started going into that kind of depressive state.“I felt like I was permanently jetlagged,” he added during his interview with MailOnline.Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Christine, who was also present at the interview, revealed that she felt “inspired” by her children and their ability to not care what others think.She said: “When I've taken our children out and about - they're completely not interested in what anyone thinks of them.“If they want to have a meltdown, or if they have sensory overload, they just carry on being them, and in some ways, I find it kind of inspirational.They don't care.”In December of last year, the BBC aired a documentary featuring the McGuinness couple and their children called Our Family and Autism, Paddy and Christine.After its success in spreading awareness about autism, the
Jeremy Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson left 'terrified' of inflicting farm injury as Kaleb Cooper has to step in - express
Jeremy Clarkson left 'terrified' of inflicting farm injury as Kaleb Cooper has to step in
Jeremy Clarkson has shared new insight into life on his Oxfordshire farm as he admitted he was worried about performing one of the tasks.The former Top Gear presenter shared how Kaleb Cooper, who stars with him on Clarkson’s Farm, then had to step in.Writing in his latest column, Jeremy shared what had happened at Diddly Squat farm.He was lamenting over the things he has to do in order to meet government guidelines over owning cows.The broadcaster explained how one of the laborious tasks is tagging the newly born calves.Jeremy said the process involves wrangling the young cows into position to try and tag their ears.Writing in today’s Sunday Times, he explained how he had to rely on his colleague Kaleb to help him.He admitted there is “some televisual evidence to suggest it was Kaleb” who was successful in wrangling the calves, who are “pure muscle”.But after this, Jeremy said the actual process was “terrifying” as he was worried about injuring himself and Kaleb.He penned: “This is really hard to do because the calf's head is very much a moving target.“It's like shooting at an epileptic elephant shrew.“Terrified I'd attach the tag to the poor thing's eyelid or forehead or, worse, Kaleb's penis, I was not speedy.”After a “few hours”, Jeremy admitted he was finally successful in what he called a “wonderful moment”.The presenter is currently filming the second series of his wildly popular Clarkson’s Farm with Kaleb.The latter became an unlikely star when the first series was released back in 2021.Across eight episodes, fans delighted in his no-nonsense responses to Jeremy’s farming mishaps.The outspoken host of The Grand Tour was also the victim of a prank orchestrated on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.Airing last
Paddy Macguinness - Paddy McGuinness: Top Gear presenter shares injury update after undergoing surgery - express
Paddy McGuinness: Top Gear presenter shares injury update after undergoing surgery
Top Gear host, 48, shared how he had surgery to fix his torn meniscus, which saw him forced to pull out of Soccer Aid 2021 after sustaining the injury.In view of his 563,300 followers, Paddy gave an update on his recovery at home while sharing a snap of his leg resting on a sofa.The TV star wrote: "The auld knee is slowly getting better."Hired this machine to help keep the swelling down."If you’ve had the same knee surgery (lateral meniscus tear) this really helps."B****y freezing though! #weekend," he ended the post.Paddy's update comes after he previously revealed he underwent an operation on his knee after suffering an injury last year.Following his post this afternoon, the star's followers took to the comments to wish him well.TV presenter Rav Wilding penned: "Rest up and get back stronger."Enda Finnerty commented: "Good man Paddy, relax and watch the rugby."Twitter user Andy Woodfine commiserated with the star over his pain but told how he preferred traditional methods compared to Paddy's new piece of kit."I share your pain Paddy but survived with plenty of petis pois!"John Wick questioned whether the TV personality had sustained his injury in a game of Netball, to which Paddy was quick to jokingly quip back: "Rounders."On Tuesday, Paddy took to Twitter and Instagram to share the health update, admitting that he was "still sedated" and in hospital recovering following the surgery.Paddy wrote: "Been in hospital for a knee op.Thought I’d use the time to catch up on Ozark.