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'The Umbrella Academy' Boss Addresses Fan Theories and Season 3 Twists (Exclusive) - - Netflix
'The Umbrella Academy' Boss Addresses Fan Theories and Season 3 Twists (Exclusive)
all successfully returned to the correct timeline after resetting the universe once more (thanks to Allison's impulsive decision to push the mysterious button), it isn't business as usual for the main heroes.Left quite literally without powers and uncertain of the repercussions that await them, the Umbrella crew — all with very different priorities on their minds -- splintered off at the end of the season 3 finale, huge questions looming over what their new(ish) reality as mortals may look like. «We leave them in a darker, sadder place this year,» showrunner/executive producer Steve Blackman tells ET of the state of affairs by season's end.With Allison newly reunited with her daughter and 1960s husband (somehow), Luther desperately searching for Sloane, Klaus going after him following his otherworldly death experience, Diego and Lila warming to the idea of normalcy (and impending parenthood), Viktor angry at Papa Hargreeves and Number Five embarking on his own plan, it's difficult to imagine how and when the family will reunite after finding themselves broken. Following the season, Blackman hopped on the phone with ET to break down the final moments of the season, what his plan for a possible season 4 looks like now that the gang is without powers and what the mysterious bonus scene with Ben tees up for the future.