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Logitech’s handheld G Cloud console reveals specs and GeForce titles -
Logitech’s handheld G Cloud console reveals specs and GeForce titles
Logitech is gearing up to release its new handheld gaming device, G Cloud, which has native GeForce Now support.GeForce Now is the cloud-based game streaming service from Nvidia which delivers real-time gameplay from the cloud to gaming devices such as PCs, iPads and Android devices, and now the G Cloud will be supported from launch.The G Cloud is Logitech’s Android-powered handheld gaming console, and alongside the compatibility with GeForce Now, other cloud-based gaming services are supported such as Steam Link and Xbox Cloud Gaming.The console features a 7-inch touchscreen, more than 12 hours of battery life, haptic feedback and remappable controls. It also has an integral gyroscope, meaning players can twist and turn the console to control compatible games.The G Cloud can also download remote play apps and stream video, as well as link up with local games on an Xbox console via the Xbox app.Ujesh Desai, the vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming, said that the company wanted to challenge itself to “build a device that was perfectly optimised for cloud gaming,” which meant including precision controls “similar to a high-end Xbox controller” as well as a large screen, good battery life and “a lightweight design so players can enjoy long gaming sessions, without any compromise.”Alongside the release of the G Cloud, GeForce Now is adding Portal with RTX to its supported catalogue in November, which will be free for Portal owners.
‘Stray’ mod replaces meow with “Jason!” meme from ‘Heavy Rain’ - - Kentucky
‘Stray’ mod replaces meow with “Jason!” meme from ‘Heavy Rain’
BlueTwelve Studio’s debut title Stray replaces the vocal cat’s adorable meow with the highly memed “Jason!” yell from Heavy Rain. The replacement lines come from a scene in Quantic Dream’s interactive drama action-adventure title where the main character, Ethan, loses track of his son Jason within a mall in the opening hours of the game, prompting the character to repeatedly call his son’s name over and over.While the idea of a potential child kidnapping is frightening, the delivery along with the frequency in which “Jason!” can be shouted by the player has led to it becoming a running gag for anyone who’s played Heavy Rain.It’s a natural (and comedic) fit for Stray, where the player can make the cat meow at any time during play with a dedicated button press. Roleplaying as the world’s most aggravating kitty certainly provides its own entertainment value, but the unintentionally hilarious nature of the Heavy Rain shout makes it even better.The mod, whose description reads: “Replaces the user inputted meowing with a pleading call to find your lost son, you terrible father” can be downloaded here.Stray ended up being the biggest PC launch ever for publisher Annapurna Interactive, which is an impressive feat given that it’s also published acclaimed titles such as Kentucky Route Zero, Outer Wilds, and Sayonara Wild Hearts just to name a few.
‘Ed-0: Zombie Uprising’ trailer pits 19th-century Japan against zombies - - Japan - county Early
‘Ed-0: Zombie Uprising’ trailer pits 19th-century Japan against zombies
Ed-0: Zombie Uprising has been revealed with a brand new trailer, showcasing a “rogue-like action survival title” set in a zombie-ridden 19th-century Japan.Edo-0: Zombie Uprising will launch in Early Access for PC on April 4, 2022.The trailer’s description says the game will be a “rogue-like action survival title”, and a press release from D3 Publisher has shared that it will include “over 10 hours of core gameplay content” at launch.This will include two playable characters, three main quests and main bosses, five sub-quests, and randomly generated dungeons in each playthrough. A third playable character will be added later in the game’s Early Access phase.You can watch the trailer for Ed-0: Zombie Uprising below:As to what the game entails, the press release reveals that Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will include “brutal strategic battles in a rogue-like format” set in a world where Japan has been overrun by zombies.The game’s gory combat seems to revolve around melee battles, with the three classes showcased – Ninja, Sumo Wrestler and Samurai – all kitted to get up-close and personal with the undead hordes.On the roguelike nature of the game, D3 Publisher states that “no dungeon run will be the same, so players’ judgement will be of the utmost importance”.Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will also include a hub base where players can upgrade their characters, with different skills and various items available to pick up from the safe location.
‘Phasmophobia’ devs are going to be “more transparent” with patch notes -
‘Phasmophobia’ devs are going to be “more transparent” with patch notes
Kinetic Games has said that it will be “more transparent” with players when presenting Phasmophobia patch notes in the future.As reported by PC GamesN, after the developer recently ran a fan poll on Discord for the game looking for opinions from players, the lead artist on Phasmophobia, Corey J Dixon, has said that the poll “in no way guarantees how we actually write patch notes in the future,” and the team was “just looking for opinions and to create discussion for the possibility of change.”Following the poll, it was revealed that players voted to receive more in-detail patch notes for the ghost-hunting game, with multiple times the number of votes as the less-detailed options.Phasmophobia Balance Patch v0.5.2.0Ghost identity changes, High Priestess and Voodoo Doll buffs!— Phasmophobia (@KineticGame) February 10, 2022In a new Steam community post, Kinetic has confirmed that going forward it will change the way it presents the latest Phasmophobia patch notes. “In light of the most recent Discord Poll, we’ve decided to experiment with being more transparent in writing patch notes when we update the game,” the developer said.The rest of the patch notes for v0.5.2.0 features the updates to come, with a long list of changes in relation to Ghost Identities, fixes, new additions, and more.Some big ghost changes address the Demon, Banshee, Shade, Poltergeist, and Hantu – who have all either received a gameplay buff or nerf, as well as how players will interact with them.One new update includes ‘The High Priestess’ tarot card, which has received new functionality and should help when drawing one early while playing solo.