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Mum-of-5 flooded with calls from NHS Test and Trace after whole family gets coronavirus

A mum who fell seriously ill with coronavirus has had to block the NHS Test and Trace number as she is getting inundated with calls.

Kathryn Beardow says she has received repeated calls about her family telling them to self-isolate - because they have been in contact with members of their own household.

The mum-of-five, from Gorton, Greater Manchester, says she has received emails and voicemail messages on dozens of occasions telling her the same people in her household have tested positive.


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Greater Manchester Kathryn Beardow

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1,500 students are being asked to not leave their flats and self-isolate for 14 days following a coronavirus outbreak. As of Saturday afternoon, there have been 137 cases.University chiefs have been criticised over their handling of the lockdown, with students saying they had no prior warning and only found out when security staff at the gates told them they couldn't leave.
Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. International student Reese Chamberlain, 18, was told that he would receive three meals per day while isolating.

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