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‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ PC system requirements confirmed - nme.com
‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ PC system requirements confirmed
PC system requirements for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have been confirmed by Infinity Ward, with four categories of recommended settings detailed.Ahead of Modern Warfare 2‘s launch on October 28, Infinity Ward has shared what PC fans will need “to play on day one” with four categories of system requirements – minimum, recommended, competitive and ultra 4K.The minimum specifications are the basics required to run Modern Warfare 2, while the recommended specs will ensure players can run the game “at 60FPS in most situations with all options set to high.”Meanwhile, the competitive recommendations are for players looking to “run at a high FPS for use with a high refresh monitor,” while the ultra 4K list is for anyone looking to play Modern Warfare 2 with a high frame rate at 4K resolution.However, the studio has noted that the following system requirements “may be updated” after launch, and “mandatory” patches may require additional storage space in the future.You can check each of the system requirements below:It’s worth noting that these system requirements are a bump up from those provided for the game’s beta, so even if your PC could run the beta, it’s worth double-checking it’s ready for the full launch.Earlier in the month, Infinity Ward also confirmed that players will need a phone number linked to their account to play Modern Warfare.
‘Slime Rancher 2’ sales surpass developer’s “pipe dream” in just 6 hours - nme.com
‘Slime Rancher 2’ sales surpass developer’s “pipe dream” in just 6 hours
Slime Rancher 2, from Monomi Park, has surpassed its developer’s wildest expectations for launch sales in just the first six hours after launch.The sequel to the popular slime-farming title launched into Early Access on September 22 for PC and Xbox Series X|S and has already become a runaway success for the developer.Speaking to GamesRadar, game director Nick Popovich revealed that the game had more than surpassed the developer’s internal expectations for the game – and that his “pie in the sky” dream for the game’s launch sales was surpassed in a matter of hours.“The level of support we’ve received from our community and partners is beyond anything we could have imagined,” said Popvich. “I had in my head a kind of crazy pipe dream for launch that maybe we could sell 100k copies in the first 24 hours and we’ve eclipsed that in less than 6 hours, with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam on top of it all.”Popovich also celebrated the game’s early success in another Tweet, revealing that a single hour’s worth of sales had exceeded the developer’s best sales day by “a literal order of magnitude.”Slime Rancher 2 seems to be a success story across the board – with an “Overwhelmingly Positive” score on the game’s Steam page with (at the time of writing) 3,773 reviews.The sequel sees the return of the original game’s protagonist Beatrix LeBeau, who has a whole new area to explore, Rainbow Island, alongside new additions to its lineup of friendly-looking slimes.Slime Rancher 2 tasks players with farming these slimes in order to earn Newbucks, a currency used to further upgrade their ranch and tools.
First-person stealth game ‘Gloomwood’ sneaks into Early Access - nme.com - county Early - county Dillon
First-person stealth game ‘Gloomwood’ sneaks into Early Access
Gloomwood, a stealth horror FPS from Dusk, Utrakill and Amid Evil publisher New Blood Interactive, has launched into Early Access.The game takes heavy inspiration from the classic Thief franchise, dropping players in a cursed Victorian city, forcing them to rely on their stealth skills in order to survive.While the Thief inspirations are clear, Gloomwood also has a distinctly Bloodborne feel to it – from the cursed Victorian city to your period-appropriate arsenal of weapons, which features a cane sword, a grappling hook-harpoon gun and a break-action shotgun.Players are free to plan their route through the city of Gloomwood at their leisure, as they take on the role of a professional assassin known as the Doctor. The game debuted a five-minute gameplay trailer during the PC Gaming show at last year’s E3, showcasing the game’s stealth aspects as the Doctor turns out the lights to outwit his enemies – taking advantage of the game’s detailed stealth and sound system.There’s no word yet on how long the game will be in Early Access, with a Q&A on Gloomwood’s Steam Page explaining that “given the amount of game left to be built and our Early Access track record with games like Dusk, Amid Evil and Ultrakill it will be a year or two at least.”The Early Access launch includes the fishery, cliffside caves and mines, cliffs, and lighthouse areas of the game world, with more areas, weapons, items, enemies and features planned for the full launch.
‘Old School Runescape’ is receiving a speedrun game mode - nme.com
‘Old School Runescape’ is receiving a speedrun game mode
Old School Runescape update adds another challenge mode to the game, this time in the form of speedrunning. To be specific, the speedrunning pertains to the game’s Quests, which “takes place on members-only worlds with separate save files”.A blog post on the Old School Runescape website explains that “upon logging on to a Speedrunning world, you’ll be prompted to select the quest you’d like to run.” Once a quest has been selected, “the game will automatically adjust your stats to the recommended levels for the quest you’ve chosen, as well as providing all the relevant items.”Although players don’t have to be constantly engaged in a speedrun when in one of these worlds, XP can’t be earned in them, so skills can’t be leveled up. However, participating in speedruns will provide players with “reward points which will transfer across to your main account in the normal game mode.” These reward points will scale depending on how efficiently a player finishes a quest, with a maximum of 320 points being available from a single quest.The speedrunning worlds are clearly aimed at players who are already experienced with Old School Runescape and looking for a change, as they provide no tutorial or trading, with aspects such as PvP and minigames including Castle Wars and Soul Wars being disabled.As with any good speedrunning mode, statistics such as the current time during a speedrun, personal best time, and global best time will all be viewable, as well as the times needed for each of the rewards.The update will launch with five early game quests – Cook’s Assistant, Ernest the Chicken, Demon Slayer, Vampyre Slayer, and Dragon Slayer 1.
‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ could still get microtransactions - nme.com
‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ could still get microtransactions
343 Industries is still contemplating adding microtransactions into Halo: The Master Chief Collection due to the game’s current progression system and number of available cosmetics. The developer penned a post discussing the current state of cosmetics in the game and outlining what solutions it is considering for earnable items (via Kotaku).At present there are over 1000 individual cosmetic items in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, with some released during specific seasonal updates. Back in June 343 Industries made it clear that it is happy with the current play-to-unlock system, but that it understands new players may benefit from the option of using purchasable points to unlock items.To that end, 343 Industries has shared that “no decision has been made around the potential for purchasable SP (Spartan Points) being added as a secondary vector in the future,” but the studio says it does agree with players that the rate in which points are earned needs to be improved at the very least.Spartan Points can currently be earned from any multiplayer game in the Halo collection, and then used on any cosmetics specific to each title.343 Industries is currently working to solve the issue with an update that will allow players to players retroactively earn Spartan Points from every level between Tour one and 11 (for 329 total points) they’ve already progressed through that didn’t reward them with the points.