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Keke Palmer Weighs in on Viral Fan Campaign for Her to Play X-Men's Rogue
Keke Palmer has never been afraid to shoot her shot for a role, but this time the fans are doing it for her! A video of the Nope actress showing off different outfits for  sparked a conversation about casting her as a comic-book hero when Palmer briefly appears in a black leather outfit and says she's «manifesting a superhero role» because it would make a perfect costume. While many of the suggestions were the popular casting choices for Black actresses — regardless of personality — one particular fan's idea went viral. TikToker @jacobfordridgway noted that although suggestions like Storm and Bumblebee were understandable, Palmer would work best in a role that tapped into her real-life superpower -- her vivaciousness. «If you want her to deliver a powerhouse lead, she's got to have room to play in that role,» he explains, suggesting that Palmer should play X-Men's Rogue, giving her a «fun, boisterous role.»The idea quickly took off on TikTok and Twitter, finding its way to Palmer herself. When the TikTok video began to gain viral status on Twitter, she quote-retweeted it with the caption, «Come on agentttttttt,» showing her appreciation for fans thinking of her.Of course, a viral fan-casting being kicked off from a Tiktok video doesn't exactly make for a traditional copy letter but it wouldn't be the first time Palmer landed a role through unconventional means. In September 2020, Palmer hooked her guest-starring role in 's final season by flagging Issa Rae through social media.
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Harry Styles is caught in a love triangle in ‘My Policeman’ trailer
My Policeman starring Harry Styles and Emma Corrin – check it out below.Based on the novel by Bethan Roberts, My Policeman is a romance drama set in 1950s Brighton about a love triangle between gay policeman Tom Burgess (Styles), his wife Marion Taylor (Corrin) and his lover Patrick Hazlewood (David Dawson).The film, directed by Michael Grandage, also flashes forwards to the 1990s, with older versions of the characters played by Linus Roache, Gina McKee and Rupert Everett respectively.The trailer sets up the forbidden love triangle at play, soundtracked by Cat Power’s ‘Sea Of Love’.A synopsis reads: “A beautifully crafted story of forbidden love and changing social conventions, My Policeman follows three young people – policeman Tom, teacher Marion and museum curator Patrick – as they embark on an emotional journey in 1950s Britain.“Flashing forward to the 1990s, Tom, Marion and Patrick are still reeling with longing and regret, but now they have one last chance to repair the damage of the past.”My Policeman has been adapted by screenwriter Ron Nyswaner, known for his work on films like Freeheld and Showtime series Ray Donovan. Grandage, Michael Riley McGrath and Caroline Levy serve as executive producers.The film marks the latest acting role for Styles, following appearances in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, Marvel’s Eternals and Don’t Worry Darling from director Olivia Wilde – which had its premiere earlier this month.My Policeman is set to have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, before its European premiere at the London Film Festival on October 15.The film is scheduled to be released in cinemas on October 21.
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'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Breaks New Ground for the MCU: Watch an Exclusive Clip!
is like nothing you've seen in the MCU before!«This is expanding the definition of what a Marvel Studios production can be,» Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige shares in ET's exclusive featurette from the upcoming Disney+ series. «There's something so surreal and so funny about a giant, 6'7» Hulk in the courtroom." stars standout Tatiana Maslany as the titular lawyer turned hero. When her character, attorney Jennifer Walters, accidentally gets cross-contaminated with the Hulk's blood, she finds she has more problems to contend with than just judges and juries.«She spent all this time to become a lawyer, and this idea of becoming a superhero is not appealing to her,» executive producer and director Kat Coiro explains.However, while the burden of a super-powered life weighs heavy on many of the MCU's favorite heroes, the tone of is notably lighter, with Maslany declaring it Marvel's «first true half-hour comedy» at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend «This is a radical, revolutionary show,» laughs Mark Ruffalo, reprising his role as Bruce Banner, aka the MCU's resident Hulk, who attempts to guide Jennifer as she struggles with her new powers and keeping that infamous temper in check. «It has this tongue-in-cheek, self-referential thing going on.»The She-Hulk comic canon is notorious for in-jokes and breaking the fourth wall, and fans get a taste of how that translates to the show in the featurette, as Jennifer waxes poetic about all the MCU cameos that keep popping up in her world — along with Ruffalo, we also get a glimpse of Tim Roth's Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination, and Benedict Wong as Sorcerer Supreme Wong.