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The Biden Question: A Metro Weekly Reader Forum - www.metroweekly.com - New York - USA - state Maryland - Illinois - New Jersey

The Biden Question: A Metro Weekly Reader Forum

We asked readers whether or not President Biden should continue his campaign, what’s at stake for the LGBTQ community in this election, and what the future looks like for America.CALEB C, 39, Queer, D.C., Democrat: Our community is facing challenges across the board, from book bans to banning critical healthcare for trans youth and the very real possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Obergefell v. Hodges. They want to erase us from society, to push us back into the shadows.KARL F, 65, Gay, New Jersey, Democrat: Rights are being taken away from Americans, and it may not be too long before the LGBTQ Community also becomes a target.

Ruby Corado Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud - www.metroweekly.com - state Maryland - Washington - El Salvador

Ruby Corado Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

arrested and charged in March with fraud and money laundering for diverting $150,000 — which was taken from a larger pool of $1.3 million that Casa Ruby had obtained through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) programs — into bank accounts held in El Salvador under her birth name, according to a U.S. Department of Justice news release.Prosecutors claimed Corado passed the money through her consulting company, TIGlobal, in an attempt to circumvent the Small Business Administration’s earlier denial of her EIDL application.Corado was temporarily jailed and placed in solitary confinement for her own protection, until a federal judge decided to release Corado and placed her under house arrest, with GPS monitoring, at the home of a niece in Rockville, Maryland.On Wednesday, July 17, Corado entered a plea deal in which she agreed to plead guilty to one count of wire fraud and give up all proceeds traceable to her offense, in exchange for the government dropping a much larger six-count complaint in which she was charged with bank fraud, money laundering, monetary transactions in criminally derived proceeds, and failure to file a report of a foreign bank account.The wire fraud offense is punishable by up to 30 years in prison.But under federal sentencing guidelines, due to it being Corado’s first offense and the crime not involving violence, Corado could receive a much lighter sentence.Prosecutors have argued that the sentence would fall between 33 to 41 months in prison, while her defense team estimates that she could serve between 15 and 21 months, reports The Washington Post.Corado is next scheduled to appear in court on January 10, 2025, for sentencing.

He Should Go: The Case for Dropping Biden - www.metroweekly.com - state Delaware

He Should Go: The Case for Dropping Biden

tan suit making headlines.As the hour of debate approached, it was akin to sitting in a movie theater getting ready to watch an unsettling sequel. “Dear God, how are we back here?!” my psyche screamed. “Don’t worry psyche, we won’t watch,” was my comforting response.

He Should Stay: The Case for Keeping Biden - www.metroweekly.com

He Should Stay: The Case for Keeping Biden

not mean every left-leaning and independent voter should stay home. It means they should proudly cast their votes on principle, and accept — with some measure of hurt, but also grace — an electoral loss.If Biden is meant to lose, it’s likely that Democrats in general are on a similar path.

Gay Furries Allegedly Hack The Heritage Foundation - www.metroweekly.com

Gay Furries Allegedly Hack The Heritage Foundation

Daily Dot, X stated that a user had reported SiegedSec’s account for violating its “rules against posting private information.”The accounts were banned following a multi-day hacking campaign during which the group leaked data from Amplify AI, a company that provides AI-driven comment moderation solutions for Facebook and Instagram. It included basic account information, such as email addresses for company employees.

White House Opposes Surgeries for Trans Youth - www.metroweekly.com - New York - New York

White House Opposes Surgeries for Trans Youth

The New York Times published an article claiming that staff in the office of Adm. Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary of health at the U.S.

Support for Gay Marriage is Dropping - www.metroweekly.com - USA

Support for Gay Marriage is Dropping

Business Insider.Only 46% of Republicans now support allowing same-sex couples to marry, and only 40% believe such relationships are morally acceptable.According to Gallup’s Values and Beliefs poll, 69% of Americans support allowing same-sex nuptials, just slightly below the record high of 71% in 2022 and 2023. Support has declined slightly among Democrats and political independents, dropping from 87% to 84% among the first group and from 77% to 74% in the latter group.The poll, conducted from May 1-23, 2024, finds that almost two-thirds of Americans believe same-sex relations are morally acceptable — a drop from 2022, when 71% responded in the affirmative.Two years ago, 85% of Democrats and 72% of independents felt same-sex relations were morally acceptable.

A Trump Win Could Transform World Pride 2025 - www.metroweekly.com - China - Ukraine - Columbia - Taiwan - city Washington, area District Of Columbia

A Trump Win Could Transform World Pride 2025

World Pride will fill Washington, D.C.’s streets with affirming, magical mirth. This year, the Capital Pride Alliance gave us a great trial run. While a jubilee in its own right, this year’s festivities illustrated that World Pride 2025 should be safe, secure, and glorious.It may, however, also be a righteously angry occasion, as 2025 Washington could be the epicenter of a new, awful age.

Brittany Howard, With Pride - www.metroweekly.com - Alabama - Virginia

Brittany Howard, With Pride

Still! It’s incredible. And it teaches me so much every time I listen to it.”In case you missed it, the singer with the powerhouse vocal cords, who began her career fronting the Grammy-winning rock band Alabama Shakes and has since moved on to an extraordinary — and Grammy-winning — solo career, is a huge Stevie Wonder fan.“I’m a diehard Stevie fan,” she grins. “I listened to Songs in the Key of Life just about every day during 2021, because of COVID.

‘Thelma’: One Bad Grandmutha on a Mission (Review) - www.metroweekly.com

‘Thelma’: One Bad Grandmutha on a Mission (Review)

Thelma, a sweet and satisfying first-time feature from Josh Margolin. Building from a solid premise, the filmmaker finds a warmly funny mode of low-key action-comedy, driven by nonagenarian Squibb as cute but tenacious 93-year-old widow Thelma.And even a 93-year-old action hero needs a cool ride, especially on a crusade to track down a villain. Thelma’s perilous adventure will take her all over town, doggedly on the trail of a cell phone scammer who bilks her out of ten grand.They get her with a distress call from someone claiming to be her grandson Danny (Fred Hechinger), her 24-year-old best buddy, and the family member charged with keeping an eye on grandma.

Brittany Howard: “Be An Artist First” - www.metroweekly.com - Alabama - Virginia

Brittany Howard: “Be An Artist First”

Still! It’s incredible. And it teaches me so much every time I listen to it.”In case you missed it, the singer with the powerhouse vocal cords, who began her career fronting the Grammy-winning rock band Alabama Shakes and has since moved on to an extraordinary — and Grammy-winning — solo career, is a huge Stevie Wonder fan.“I’m a diehard Stevie fan,” she grins. “I listened to Songs in the Key of Life just about every day during 2021, because of COVID.

Chemical Agent Causes Panic and Injuries at Baltimore Pride - www.metroweekly.com - state Maryland - city Santana - city Baltimore - county Banner

Chemical Agent Causes Panic and Injuries at Baltimore Pride

The Baltimore Banner.They declined to report on what might have prompted the release of the chemical agent or how many people were injured.“Our officers are diligently reviewing the surveillance video to gather all the necessary information and determine the sequence of events,” Freddie Talbert, a Baltimore Police public information officer, told the Banner.Talbert said police did not have any information to support the idea that the incident deliberately targeted Pride celebrations.Online social media posts, which described people being trampled by fleeing revelers, suggested the chemical agent was mace, which had reportedly been sprayed after a fight broke out near the stage. Kate Bowers, a Cockeysville resident who was near the stage at the time, described a scene that appeared to indicate that people in the crowd were suffering from the side effects of being maced.She and her friends reported an inability to stop coughing on the day after the incident.“All of the sudden, people were screaming and running,” Bowers said.

‘Queer Planet’s’ Animals Are So Gay (Review) - www.metroweekly.com - city Lima - New York - Japan - city Syracuse, state New York - Congo

‘Queer Planet’s’ Animals Are So Gay (Review)

Queer Planet aims to broaden perspectives about sexuality in the natural world.Narrated by out actor Andrew Rannells, the 90-minute documentary boasts a mostly queer lineup of esteemed scientists who guide the global voyage. Expounding on bighorn bromances in the Rockies, promiscuous pansexual bonobos in the Congo basin, and laidback lesbian macaques in Japan, among others, the show offers an intimate look at a fascinating spectrum of sex and gender, and configurations of family that defy convention.We’ve heard about gay penguins at the zoo — several zoos, in fact, have discovered same-sex couples among their captive colonies.

‘Enjoy Youth’ Finds Bright Light x2 at the Top of His Game (Review) - www.metroweekly.com

‘Enjoy Youth’ Finds Bright Light x2 at the Top of His Game (Review)

Enjoy Youth, finds Thomas at the top of his game once again, with an album that has arrived just in time for heavy rotation through Pride month and beyond.While an eclectic roster of collaborators led him to take a varied queer-block-party approach on his last album, this one is a more focused outing. It’s expertly crafted and full of house- and disco-indebted dance bops that are unmistakably Bright Light.They were teased in the upbeat “Sweet Release” and the dramatic “I Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do,” two singles that were released long before Enjoy Youth, but their energy is easily matched by the shimmery, cinematic synthpop power trip of “Snap!” and “Revived,” a feel-good house number ready for a summer tea dance.One of the feats Bright Light pulls off with Enjoy Youth is in keeping it almost relentlessly upbeat for its entire runtime without allowing it to lag or lose its sense of surprise.

Night OUT at the Nationals Sets Ticket Sales Record - www.metroweekly.com - county Thomas - Washington - George - county Jefferson - county Roosevelt - county Major - Lincoln

Night OUT at the Nationals Sets Ticket Sales Record

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio. She threw the ball to Screech, the Nationals’ eagle mascot, who was clad in a rainbow-colored jersey.

Texas GOP Unleashes a Horrific Anti-LGBTQ Platform - www.metroweekly.com - Texas - city San Antonio

Texas GOP Unleashes a Horrific Anti-LGBTQ Platform

50-page platform, which delegates approved during the party’s annual state convention in San Antonio on May 25, contains several planks meant to cater to social conservatives. While party platforms are not binding, they generally provide voters with an idea of the issues that will be prioritized by party leadership should they take power and a statement of a party’s values.Among the Texas GOP’s various planks are opposition to marriage equality, including a full repeal of the Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision that overturned various state bans on same-sex marriage, denial of marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and the refusal to recognize same-sex marriages that were legally performed in other states as valid.The party also espouses the right of business owners or state and county employees to refuse to participate in, provide goods and services for, or be forced to recognize the validity of, marriages between two people of the same gender.The party also opposes criminal or civil penalties, including lawsuits or fines, against those who oppose “nontraditional sexual behavior or same-sex relationships due to their religious convictions.”“We affirm God’s biblical design for marriage and family between one biological man and one biological woman, which has proven to be the foundation for all great nations in Western Civilization,” the platform reads.

D.C. Leaders Raise Progress Pride Flag Over Wilson Building - www.metroweekly.com - Columbia

D.C. Leaders Raise Progress Pride Flag Over Wilson Building

slew of anti-LGBTQ bills and executive orders being pushed in other states that seek to limit LGBTQ visibility or roll back legal protections for the LGBTQ community. Noting that the District of Columbia’s history of pro-LGBTQ advocacy dates back to the start of Home Rule, Bowser recalled historic moments of progress, including her vote in 2009, as a then-councilmember, to legalize marriage equality.She said she was proud to represent “the gayest city in the world,” a reference to a Williams Institute analysis finding that the District has the highest percentage of adults identifying as LGBTQ of any state.“We as a city have meant to make sure that our laws are progressive, to make sure that our government is representative, and to make sure that our programs and services make sure that every resident, from birth to seniors, have what they need to live a proud, healthy life in Washington, D.C.,” Bowser said to a crowd of approximately 200 people gathered outside the Wilson Building.D.C.

Zack Powell Gets Pucked - www.metroweekly.com - state Kansas - city Baltimore - city Alexandria

Zack Powell Gets Pucked

Romeo and Juliet four times. I’ve done Macbeth five times. I’ve done Twelfth Night three times.

An Idaho Library Goes “Adults Only” - www.metroweekly.com - county Valley - state Idaho

An Idaho Library Goes “Adults Only”

library porn law,” signed by Republican Gov. Brad Little earlier this year.Under the harsh new law, Idaho libraries can be sued if they do not prevent minors from accessing “obscene” or sexually explicit material.If a complaint is filed regarding a book, libraries must relocate it to the adult section.

Jordan Dobson Lets the Sun Shine In - www.metroweekly.com - New York - Jordan - Jersey - Israel - Philadelphia

Jordan Dobson Lets the Sun Shine In

Hair at Signature Theatre.The actor is still an able player of all the woodwind and percussion instruments. “Plus piano and guitar,” he adds.

Minnesota Bans Book Bans - www.metroweekly.com - Minnesota - state Iowa

Minnesota Bans Book Bans

Today, I signed a bill into law putting an end to book bans based on ideology in Minnesota.— Governor Tim Walz (@GovTimWalz) May 17, 2024 The prohibition on book bans comes as a host of states have adopted bans on curriculum content, placed restrictions on what library books can be checked out, and empowered citizens, regardless of whether they are parents, to challenge the availability of books touching on race, racism, and LGBTQ-related topics.Iowa lawmakers even introduced a bill that would criminalize librarians or book lenders who allow minors to check out or purchase books with “obscene” content.Backers of such restrictions argue that they’re not trying to ban any books, but want to protect minors from being exposed to sexually explicit material or content that is too mature.Many of those proponents argue that any LGBTQ content — regardless of age or grade level, even if it is not sexually explicit — is tantamount to “pornography.” They argue that the presence of books with LGBTQ content is an attempt to indoctrinate children into accepting homosexuality as “normal,” in conflict with their religious beliefs, or into identifying as LGBTQ.Nearly every state has experienced an increase in challenges to books in various schools and public libraries.

Monét X Change Dives Into R&B with ‘Grey Rainbow’ - www.metroweekly.com

Monét X Change Dives Into R&B with ‘Grey Rainbow’

Drag Race and elsewhere that a good drag queen has to be able to do it all, still not appreciate the loads of talent involved.“I think a lot of queens try to answer this,” Monét continues. “Is it the gay thing? Why is it that folks do not value the immense talents and contributions that drag queens have made to the industry? I don’t understand why they don’t see the value and how fucking incredible it is.”While frequently expressing her gratitude for the opportunities her talents as a drag performer have earned her, especially since co-winning Drag Race All Stars Season 4, Monét also spoke of her frustration that drag queens often are not being appreciated for the artists they are.Particularly in the music arena, which is packed with Drag Race alums pumping out club tracks, perceptions appear to be extremely limited in what kind of music the market wants from drag queens.

‘Turandot’ is Almost, But Not Quite, Fabulous (Review) - www.metroweekly.com - Washington - city Beijing

‘Turandot’ is Almost, But Not Quite, Fabulous (Review)

Turandot may be the premiere of a new ending, but it still has to be about the 95% that comes before the big reveal.And despite capturing Puccini’s hauntingly grand motifs and some choral spectacles akin to standing behind the engines of an Airbus A30, this production is only almost, but not quite, fabulous. There is design, color, movement, and moments of aural loveliness under the rock-steady hand of director Francesca Zambello, but somehow it all lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.Wilson Chin’s sets may be a satisfyingly intricate pipework-like creation made striking when washed in the saturated colors of Amith Chandrashaker’s lighting, but the moon — offered hugely in S.

Fast and ‘Furiosa’ (Review) - www.metroweekly.com - George

Fast and ‘Furiosa’ (Review)

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga doesn’t miss Max, who cedes the spotlight in this installment to the fearsome post-apocalyptic female warrior Furiosa, introduced in George Miller’s 2015 Oscar-winner Mad Max: Fury Road.But this movie is missing something, because, although it looks and sounds impressive, it doesn’t approach the pulse-pounding potency of Fury Road.In that film, Mad Max-meister Miller undergirded the bone-crushing vehicular mayhem with compelling purpose. Furiosa, then portrayed by Charlize Theron, was on a mission to free the enslaved wives of water-hoarding tyrant Immortan Joe, chillingly played by Hugh Keays-Byrne.She also had her own score to settle with Joe, and did, by summarily sending his lower jaw flying off in a different direction than the rest of his face.For Furiosa, Miller and returning Fury Road co-writer Nick Lathouris rewind the clock to recount their heroine’s harrowing origin story.

Forget Barbie, Dixie Longate is the Ultimate Plastic Girl - www.metroweekly.com - Washington - Tennessee - county Hamilton

Forget Barbie, Dixie Longate is the Ultimate Plastic Girl

Dixie’s Tupperware Party. The brisk, 95-minute show — funny, joyful, and personable, which earned Andersson a Drama Desk nomination in 2008 — recently began a month-long run at the Kennedy Center’s Family Theater.Despite having played the character for 17 years, Andersson has never grown tired of hosting the nightly parties to an audience all-too-eager to be whisked back to simpler times.“I get to share time with wonderful people every night, so it doesn’t really feel like a job or a hassle at all,” he says.

A Monumental Milestone for Metro Weekly - www.metroweekly.com - Britain - Russia - Washington - Virginia - Indiana - city Saint Petersburg

A Monumental Milestone for Metro Weekly

My résumé reminds me it was probably spring of 2004 when I knocked on that stranger’s basement-apartment door at 11th and P streets NW. At home, I hoped, was the former Metro Weekly “coverboy” I wanted to interview. He was at the center of a mini maelstrom, working in the office of a GOP congressman.

D.C. Celebrates Trans Pride at the MLK Library on May 18 - www.metroweekly.com

D.C. Celebrates Trans Pride at the MLK Library on May 18

Moxy from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.“The afterparty is a really big deal,” says Hunt, who is overseeing the party. “We have to actually have the fun outside of the learning. The party provides a place for people to feel safe and secure, and to shake it loose after a long day of education.

Target Dumps its Pride Collection in Many Stores - www.metroweekly.com

Target Dumps its Pride Collection in Many Stores

Associated Press in an emailed statement.“Most importantly, we want to create a welcoming and supportive environment for our LGBTQIA+ team members, which reflects our culture of care for the over 400,000 people who work at Target.”Human Rights Campaign president Kelley Robinson blasted Target for caving to right-wing influencers and anti-LGBTQ groups.“Pride merchandise means something. LGBTQ+ people are in every zip code in this country, and we aren’t going anywhere,” Robinson said in a statement.“With LGBTQ+ people making up 30% of Gen Z, companies need to understand that community members and allies want businesses that express full-hearted support for the community.

Hot Picks for the Week of May 12, 2024 - www.metroweekly.com - Britain - Thailand - Washington - county Wilson - Vietnam

Hot Picks for the Week of May 12, 2024

METAMORPHOSESPsalmayene 24 directs an exciting new production of visionary Mary Zimmerman’s Tony-winning play which places the tales of Ovid into a modern-day setting, in this case the African diaspora.Folger Theatre’s production features a powerful all-Black cast that includes Edwin Brown III, Renea S. Brown, DeJeanette Horne, Yesenia Iglesias, Billie Kirshawn, Manu Kumasi, Miss Kitty, Jon Hudson Odom, Kalen Robinson, Gerrad Taylor, and Renee Elizabeth Wilson.Through June 16 at the Folger, 201 East Capitol St.

Boy Scouts to Drop the “Boy” in a Major, Inclusive Rebrand - www.metroweekly.com - USA

Boy Scouts to Drop the “Boy” in a Major, Inclusive Rebrand

The Associated Press in an interview ahead of the announcement.The name change will officially take effect on February 8, 2025, to coincide with the organization’s 115th anniversary.For years, Boy Scouts only admitted boys ages 11 to 17. It emphasized service to one’s community, leadership, the teaching of moral values, and life skills that would prepare any scout for adulthood.

The FMs Take a “Sonic Odyssey” into Early Synth Territory - www.metroweekly.com - New York - Jordan - city Brooklyn - county Queens - city Greenwich

The FMs Take a “Sonic Odyssey” into Early Synth Territory

Before forming queer synth-rock band The FMs, friends Matte Namer and Frankie Maddox Rex grew up in different parts of New York City — the former in Greenwich Village, the latter fifteen miles away in College Point, Queens.Their lives were separated by more than mere distance. “We had very different upbringings,” Namer recalls.

Alicia Keys Makes Broadway Magic with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ (Review) - www.metroweekly.com - New York - New York - Jersey

Alicia Keys Makes Broadway Magic with ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ (Review)

Hell’s Kitchen. Reviews were fairly solid, and plenty of buzz was generated when the jukebox tuner premiered at the end of last year at New York’s Public Theater.It didn’t even complete its run in January before Keys, along with producers, announced a transfer to Broadway, where it opened in April.New Yorkers — and specifically those who live in the midtown neighborhood the show is named for (now a predominantly gay mecca) — will appreciate that the locality is having a moment in the spotlight.

‘Suffs’ is Broadway’s Most Essential Show - www.metroweekly.com - New York

‘Suffs’ is Broadway’s Most Essential Show

Hamilton, oldest sister Angelica sings, “I’m a girl in which, my only job is to marry rich.” None of them would live long enough to experience the painstaking efforts assumed by their female successors for a woman’s right to vote.Fortunately, their descendants and current audiences are hearing a completely different song just a few blocks away in New York’s theater district, thanks largely to Shaina Taub.An Obie Award-winning singer/songwriter, Taub has written the book, a winning score, and lyrics for the completely original, historically based Suffs, which tracks the decades-long struggle for fair and equal treatment of women to be treated as equally as men. The show educates, inspires, and persuades — all while being incredibly entertaining.Taub also stars in the show as Alice Paul, an activist considered one of the major architects of the twentieth-century suffragist movement.

‘Cabaret’ Is As Eerily Prescient And Important As Ever - www.metroweekly.com - Britain - New York - Germany - Berlin

‘Cabaret’ Is As Eerily Prescient And Important As Ever

Cabaret is back on Broadway with unbridled decadence and immersive glory. Certain musicals are constructed so well that, even if they are cast with mediocre performances or if the production value is low, they still hold.Cabaret stands as one of the indestructible.This might explain why the original sixties production has been revived and reinvented so many times on both sides of the Atlantic.

United Methodist Church Lifts 40-Year Ban on LGBTQ Clergy - www.metroweekly.com

United Methodist Church Lifts 40-Year Ban on LGBTQ Clergy

proposed a plan to disaffiliate from the larger church and form a separate, more “traditionalist” Global Methodist Church taking a harder line on social issues, including same-sex marriage and LGBTQ clergy.In total, 7,600 congregations — constituting one-quarter of all U.S.-based congregations — have severed ties with the church.As a result, the overall church has moved toward embracing more progressive positions on various issues, including LGBTQ inclusion.

Robert Garcia Makes Politico’s ‘Thirsty Awards’ List - www.metroweekly.com - California - Washington - Washington - George - city Santos, county George

Robert Garcia Makes Politico’s ‘Thirsty Awards’ List

Robert Garcia (D-Calif.) was named to Politico‘s list of “The 10 Thirstiest Members of Congress.”The “Thirsty Awards,” now in their second year, pay tribute to the “most shamelessly media-seeking members of Congress.”“This is Washington, after all, and it’s Washington in the Donald Trump and social media age,” Politico writes in its current issue. “Building seniority, developing relationships and forging cross-aisle consensus for incremental gains is out.

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