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Elizabeth II - Sam Ryder - Sam Ryder ‘honoured’ with massive new gig as he’s confirmed to open 2022 Formula One Grand Prix - - Britain - Ukraine - Russia
Sam Ryder ‘honoured’ with massive new gig as he’s confirmed to open 2022 Formula One Grand Prix
Sam Ryder’s career is hitting new heights as the star has been confirmed to open the 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix.The Space Man singer has enjoyed phenomenal popularity since earning the UK’s best result in decades at the 2022 Eurovision.Having returned home to a hero’s welcome, and belted out a stunning performance for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, the singer is now preparing to take on a new audience.The Essex singer-songwriter, who first rose to prominence on TikTok, is set to open the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone this July.With over 400,000 spectators set to visit on the first weekend and 142,000 present on race day, Sam will perform to millions watching in-person and from home, as fans tune in from across the globe.Speaking about the opportunity, Sam said it was an ‘honour’ to get to play at the iconic event.He said: ‘From Eurovision to being invited to play the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Concert, the past few months have been a whirlwind and taught me that you can never dream too big! ‘Since I was a kid I’ve always been a huge fan of Formula 1, and to combine that with music and performing at such a legendary event on the British sporting calendar is an honour.’The star will open the ceremony with a rendition of the national anthem before heading to the Main Stage in the Formula 1 Fanzone as part of the postrace concert.As well as the Eurovision legend, the concert will also feature performances by headline act Mabel, supported by rising star Alfie Templemann.Interviews with Formula 1 drivers will also feature on-stage during the event.The news comes shortly after it was revealed the UK could host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, with winners Ukraine unable due to the continued invasion by Russian armed
Gogglebox's Rylan details 'new start' in career and personal life after devastating split - express
Gogglebox's Rylan details 'new start' in career and personal life after devastating split, the Celebrity Gogglebox star discussed the exciting things he has planned for the future after his tumultuous time. The Strictly: It Takes Two star has previously been brave in his candid discussions about the tough time he experienced when his marriage ended after six years.  The Eurovision presenter had a very public split from husband Dan last year, which had a significant impact on him mentally. However, it seems since that time, Rylan is feeling more positive about his future. The presenter started his career ten years ago on the ninth series of The X Factor, and has recently revealed he will be releasing a book entitled 10 to celebrate a decade of working in the showbiz industry.When asked about what was next, the star replied: “Quite a lot actually, a lot personal and a lot public. “Yeah, a new start personally and a new start professionally. I'm ready!”Rylan and Dan met through Big Brother back in 2013, with the former going on to win the series. When the pair parted ways, the star admitted that he had become very ill and lost weight, retreating from the spotlight for months due to his health struggles.  Quizzed about that period, the presenter gave an honest insight into how he had been feeling.“I never thought I'd be one of those people, but I completely lost six months of my life, genuinely,” he admitted.In the interview, Rylan also suggested that his honesty under the public eye has helped him keep his career going, despite the fact that being under the spotlight has sometimes been tough on his mental health.Speaking about his knack for being open with the public, Rylan said: “I think that's part of why I'm still here 10 years on. “I've always been honest.
Graham Norton - Oleh Psiuk - Eurovision winners sell trophy for astonishing price to buy drones for Ukraine war - express - Ukraine - Russia
Eurovision winners sell trophy for astonishing price to buy drones for Ukraine war
The trophy, which took the shape of a crystal microphone, was auctioned on Facebook.It was done with the aim of buying drones for the Ukrainian military amid the ongoing conflict with Russia.The sale of the trophy coincided with the band’s appearance at a charity concert at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.It also aimed to raise money for medical care and supplies.Band member Oleh Psiuk appealed for people to not get used to the war."I think it should be on the front pages always, until peace comes," said Psiuk, whose Eurovision win had been tipped in the run-up to the event.The war has left more than 4,000 civilians dead and nearly 5,000 injured according to the UN.It has also forced more than 14 million people to flee their homes since Russia invaded on February 24, with towns and cities reduced to rubble.Reuters news agency reported that Ukrainian TV presenter Serhiy Prytula announced that the money raised from the trophy would specifically be used to purchase three Ukrainian-made PD-2 drones.Drones are popularly used by Ukraine and Russia, both as weapons and reconnaissance.While the war was going on, the Eurovision song contest gave the world an opportunity to support and uplift the struggling nation.Ukraine topped the board with a total of 631 points.Following their win, Kalush Orchestra's lead singer said: "Thank you so much."Thank you for supporting Ukraine.This victory is for every Ukrainian.""What an emotional night," commentator Graham Norton said at the time of the result."Not just emotional because Ukraine won, but look at us, there we are."In the nosebleed, dizzying heights of second place on the leaderboard."That is our highest position in over 20 years, ladies and gentlemen."Praising the SpaceMan singer, he
Kalush Orchestra - Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra auction off trophy for $900,000 to help Ukrainian army during Russian war - - Ukraine - Russia - Czech Republic - city Mariupol
Eurovision winners Kalush Orchestra auction off trophy for $900,000 to help Ukrainian army during Russian war
Russia.Oleh Psiuk, Ihor Didenchu, Vlad Kurochka, Vitalii Duzhyk, Tymofii Muzychuk and Oleksandr Slobodianyk auctioned off the glass microphone they won with their performance of Stefania in Turin earlier this month.They raised a further $370,000 (£293,000) by raffling off the pink bucket hat frontman Oleh wore during the performance.The winning bid for the trophy was attributed to Whitebit, a cryptocurrency exchange, and came in the form of 500 Ethereum.Addressing the huge amount of money raised, the band wrote on Facebook: ‘You guys are amazing!‘We appreciate each and everyone of you who donated to this auction and a special thanks to the team Whitebit who purchased the trophy for $900,000 and are now the rightful owners of our trophy.’The money will go to a charitable fund which raises money for Ukrainian forces against the Russian army.Ukrainian TV presenter Serhiy Prytula, who hosted the auction, said there were 31,088 entries into the hat raffle, and that the winner was in the Czech Republic.Kalush Orchestra won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest after a landslide in the public televote.According to those present at Eurovision, at the end of their performance Kalush asked the audience to help Ukraine and Mariupol amid the ongoing Russian invasion.The band had been granted special permission to leave Ukraine, where men aged 18 to 60 could be called up to fight and are not allowed to leave the country during the conflict.Speaking on a press conference live stream following their win, Oleh said: ‘I’m going back home as I run a volunteering organisation that helps refugees with food, accommodation, and medication.‘I will keep doing that.
Rachel Riley - Graham Norton - Sam Ryder - Rachel Riley thrilled 'Europe doesn't hate us' as Sam Ryder triumphs at Eurovision - express - Britain - France - USA - Germany
Rachel Riley thrilled 'Europe doesn't hate us' as Sam Ryder triumphs at Eurovision
Rachel Riley, 36, took to social media last night to share her excitement over Sam Ryder’s success at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.The Space Man singer found himself at the top of the leaderboard after receiving 12 points from a number of countries.The Countdown star reacted to Sam’s raging success in a series of tweets shared with her 696,700 Twitter followers.She tweeted: “Smashed it!” alongside a string of emojis including clapping hands and the UK flag.In a follow up tweet and signalling her surprise with a shocked emoji, Rachel wrote: “EUROPE DOESN’T HATE US.”And while other online users shared a similar emotion, some viewers remained sceptical.KeeleyComms penned: “No...Europe doesn't hate Sam and rightly so.”Johnny_JI81 said: “Fingers crossed the public vote comes in.”Alanztweets added: “Need to see how the public votes before saying that Rachel!”Br1anSee chimed in: “Best song you’ve sent in a long time, deserved jury winner.”Viewers were also left stunned after the UK received 12 points from France's jury.Eurovision host Graham Norton appeared equally delighted and surprised as he thanked the representative for France.He exclaimed: “Oh come on everybody. Merci beaucoup!”Fans of the musical contest flocked to Twitter to express their disbelief.MargotGrmnd wrote: “I cannot get over France giving 12 points to the UK.
Piers Morgan - Piers Morgan sparks backlash over claim Eurovision is 'rigged farce' after Ukraine win - express - Britain - Ukraine - Russia
Piers Morgan sparks backlash over claim Eurovision is 'rigged farce' after Ukraine win
Piers Morgan, 57, has unleashed a debate on social media after stating his opinion on the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Last night’s event saw Ukraine's entry, Kalush Orchestra, win the contest with their song, Stefania, in a symbolic show of public support amid the country’s Russian invasion.But Piers blasted the contest, saying it was “politically-motivated” and claiming Ukraine could have presented their “bomb-sniffing dogs” and still won.In view of his 7.9 million Twitter followers, Piers labelled the musical event “a rigged farce”.He tweeted: “The world’s most absurd, pointless, politically-motivated ‘contest’ excels itself.“Ukraine could have sent one of its heroic bomb-sniffing dogs to bark the national anthem and still won.“Happy for them, but please let’s stop calling #Eurovision a contest… it’s a rigged farce.”But other online users strongly disagreed with the former Good Morning Britain presenter.D3adpool1979 said: “Oh so now we shouldn’t be showing solidarity for the Ukraine then?“We all realise that the UK should have won but is that really important in the current climate?“Yes the competition is a farce and always has been but for once it was nice for us all to be on the same page.”AlexClark3 added: “See, this is what I don’t understand.“The overwhelming majority of people who watched last night found it absolutely joyful.“Nobody cares that it wasn’t a ‘contest’ (subjective in any case).“People are just delighted.
Damiano David - Eurovision winner Maneskin's Damiano David supports girlfriend amid agonising condition - express - Italy - county Story
Eurovision winner Maneskin's Damiano David supports girlfriend amid agonising condition
Eurovision winner Damiano David, 23, took to social media today to express how “proud” he was of his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri, 26, after the model shared exciting news following her difficult battle with endometriosis.The Italian beauty, who has since gone under surgery for the condition, recently revealed she was coming out with a collection of poetry. Damiano shared a sweet post about his girlfriend’s new venture to Instagram today in view of his five million followers. He showed the shop front of an Italian bookstore that displayed Giorgia’s new collection front and centre. Tagging his beau, he simply captioned the picture: “Proud”.The poetry book is titled La Signorina Nessuno (‘Ms. Nobody’) and arrived in bookstores earlier this month. READ MORE: Resharing Damiano’s post on her own Instagram story in view of her 606,000 followers, Giorgia wrote a sweet message back. “Ed io di te,” she replied, which roughly translates to: “And I about you.” When her book was released on May 5, the model also sent out a heartfelt thank you post to her fans. “I can’t believe it! Thank you endlessly, I am speechless, how wonderful,” she wrote (translated).  Three weeks ago, Giorgia gave her followers a sneak peak at the cover of her book beside a long post admitting she was “scared” to see it reach the hands of the public. “I’ve been thinking about this moment for years,” she penned. “For years I imagined the cover in detail, the sound of the pages when they’re browsed, the smell they emit.“For years I keep telling myself what to say, how to say it, what words to use, how to express my infinite happiness.”“For years I’ve been thinking about how to present Ms.
Grace Kelly - ‘Massive effect’ Eurovision host Mika’s life changed when his sister fell 50ft from window - express
‘Massive effect’ Eurovision host Mika’s life changed when his sister fell 50ft from window
Eurovision host Mika has spoken out on the horror accident that saw his sister Paloma plummet 50ft from the window of her fourth-floor flat in Kensington in 2010. In an unearthed interview, the Grace Kelly singer told how he took a break from work after the incident to help Paloma, who worked as his stylist, recover following the horrific accident.During the fall, Paloma’s legs were impaled on the rail's spikes, with one entering her abdomen.Firefighters quickly cut the section of the railing and a helicopter response team rushed her to hospital.Mika has since looked back on the tragic events as he reflected on the “massive effect” they had in his life.He said: “Paloma has been weak on her left side since birth, and has a tendency to lose her balance.“That’s what happened when she leant out of her bedroom window that night.She fell and impaled herself on the railings below.”Luckily, a neighbour who heard the fall was able to rush to her and held her for an hour, slapping her face “to keep her conscious”.Mika stressed the vital work performed by NHS staff as they saved Paloma’s life that night, after operating on her for 17 hours.The pop star said medical staff had initially “prepared us for the worst”, but that Paloma has since had tendon transplants and “is learning to walk again.”Mika added to the Daily Mail: “It was only after she had made a recovery that doctors said defied medical science that I could work again.The incident had a massive effect on me.
Jeremy Clarkson - Sam Ryder - ‘Wish he hadn’t entered’ Jeremy Clarkson says Eurovision's Sam Ryder will 'get beaten’ - express - Britain - Ukraine - Russia
‘Wish he hadn’t entered’ Jeremy Clarkson says Eurovision's Sam Ryder will 'get beaten’
Clarksons Farm star Jeremy Clarkson has admitted he wishes the UK’s 2020 Eurovision entry Sam Ryder “hadn’t entered” the competition this year.The former Top Gear host went on to explain how he felt the singer’s talents have been wasted on the competition because he was “always going to get beaten” by the Ukrainian entry for this year.Jeremy, 62, has shared his thoughts on the UK’s chances in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Britain has a reputation for placing at the bottom of the leaderboard year after year. Sam, 32, is hoping to change our country’s fortunes this year, however, with his positively-received song SPACE MAN. Despite the hype, Jeremy remains unconvinced that this year could spell victory for us Brits.But he did praise Sam for his incredible vocal capabilities in his latest column. “For some time, I’ve been listening in awe to Sam Ryder singing on TikTok,” Jeremy wrote.“He may be a vegetablist and a beardy but he seems like a nice lad and his voice has the power to knock down walls.“Which is why I wish he hadn’t entered this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.” This year, Ukraine is tipped to do well in the competition - a likelihood that can be attributed, at least in part, to Russia’s brutal ongoing invasion of the country. Meanwhile, Russia has been banned from Eurovision, with the European Broadcasting Union making their final ruling on the matter back in February. Reflecting on Sam’s talents, Jeremy continued: “He was always going to get beaten by the Ukrainian entry.“Even if they’d fielded two dogs barking at one another,” he added in his piece for the Sun.The Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra is competing on behalf of their country this year, with special permission to leave Ukraine in order to
Alex Jones - Rylan Clark - Scott Mills - Sam Ryder - ‘He's in trouble!’ The One Show's Alex Jones warns UK Eurovision entry about Rylan Clark - express - Britain
‘He's in trouble!’ The One Show's Alex Jones warns UK Eurovision entry about Rylan Clark
The One Show star Alex Jones cheekily warned British Eurovision contestant Sam Ryder that a boozy night out might be in store for him if presenter Rylan Clark has anything to do with it.Sam, Rylan and co-presenter Scott Mills joined Alex and her co-star Ronan Keating remotely as Alex jokingly begged the SPACE MAN singer to hold off on his big night out until after the finals on Saturday night.Alex and Ronan were joined remotely on The One Show by the UK’s Eurovision crew live from Turin. Sam, who hopes to turn Britain’s Eurovision reputation around with his hit song SPACE MAN, was flanked by grinning co-presenters Rylan and Scott.After checking in to see what the competition was looking like, Alex couldn’t resist making a cheeky remark about Rylan’s legendary tradition of taking the UK’s entry on a night out before the grand final. Alex said: “I know, Rylan, that you’ve been in trouble in the past because you’ve got this tradition of taking out the UK entry the night before the competition for a big night out and then it all goes a bit pear (shaped)."Turning to TikTok sensation Sam, she continued: “Now Sam, you need to be aware, he’s into tequila.”While Alex continued with an air of mock sincerity, the three men fell about laughing as they heard what she was saying through their earpieces.Rylan, however, was keen to clarify that he was assuredly not sabotaging the competition with any boozy nights out this year. “Listen, Sam has been extremely good this week, he’s been on vocal rest…” he insisted. “I’ve been eating my salads!” Sam chimed in, before Rylan quipped: “Alright calm yourself!”Scott added: “To be fair it is tradition that Rylan does take the acts out, but it hasn’t happened this year. As Rylan mysteriously
Alex Scott - Jay Aston - Graham Norton - Sara Cox - Eurovision host Scott Mills admits he was petrified of winners Bucks Fizz 'Really weird' - express - Britain - Italy
Eurovision host Scott Mills admits he was petrified of winners Bucks Fizz 'Really weird'
Eurovision host and radio presenter described the single the band released after their Eurovision win, The Land Of Make Believe, as quite bizarre and distressing for him to hear when he was younger.Scott said the song contains a ”really weird” nursery rhyme, which would terrify him so much, as a child, that he would run upstairs.He explained: “It’s supposed to sound magical and it’s got lyrics about Superman, but at the end, there’s a really weird nursery rhyme by a child.”The 48-year-old added: “My mum says I used to run upstairs.”“This used to be on the radio all the time,” Scott told NME in April, speaking about the Bucks Fizz track he remembers from his childhood.Buck’s Fizz famously won the Eurovision song contest back in 1981 with their song Making Your Mind Up.The pop group included members, Jay Aston, Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Bobby G.The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant is hosting this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which is being held in Turin, Italy.Rylan will be joining him as co-host of the contest’s semi-finals, while Graham Norton will continue to host the final for the UK coverage for the 66th edition of the show.In 2021, Rylan was forced to cancel his appearance due to illness and was replaced by Sara Cox.Pop singer Mika has also been announced as one of the hosts this year and he spoke to Ronan Keating and Alex Scott on The One Show about his role on Friday. Scott admitted in the interview that there is one song he “no longer listens to”.The song he mentioned was (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, saying he “just can’t bear it”.Scott, who has been a radio presenter since he was 16 years of age, explained the reasoning behind his choice: “I worked at a lot of
Sophie Ellis-Bextor is ‘bracing for another ‘nul points’ score’ at Eurovision - express - Britain
Sophie Ellis-Bextor is ‘bracing for another ‘nul points’ score’ at Eurovision
Eurovision Song Contest.She compared the contest to the Super Bowl in a new interview, but was worried that the UK could be headed for a “nul points” score again.The 43-year-old spoke about her love for Eurovision, which goes back to when she was a child.Describing her early memories of watching Eurovision, she said: “It’s always been there, since I was tiny.“My parents always watched Eurovision and I remember watching it during the ‘80s when I was in single digits and being pretty fascinated by what I saw.”The Murder on the Dancefloor singer was asked about the UK’s chances of winning the contest.Sophie, who is hosting a Eurovision Kitchen Disco warm-up party on BBC Radio 2 to celebrate, replied that we should prepare for the worst.She said, laughing: “We should probably brace ourselves for another ‘nul points’ score.”The singer added: “There have always been political undertones [to the voting], which again, is part of the fun.“We quite enjoy that, I think."“It’s part of the reason Britain treats it in an almost ironic way, and I don’t think it will ever lose that, but some of the songs that are good can have a life outside of Eurovision and be treated as legitimate hits.”“There is nothing out there like it,” said Sophie, expressing her love for it.Mother-of-five Sophie added: “It’s life-affirming and good fun.“Who doesn’t need a bit of fun in their life right now?”In 2019 she was approached to be a judge, but she had to cancel due to parenting commitments.Sophie explained, speaking to Radio Times: “I had a very small baby that I was still feeding, and they wouldn’t let me bring it along.” During the pandemic lockdown, Sophie would broadcast a gig live on Instagram, every Friday, to lift spirits.Her weekly Kitchen
James Bond - Rylan Clark - Rylan Clark apologises after sparking frenzy with 'little announcement’ and pregnancy quip - express
Rylan Clark apologises after sparking frenzy with 'little announcement’ and pregnancy quip
Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two presenter Rylan Clark has left his followers on the edge of their seats following the news that he will be sharing a “little announcement” this evening. After joking that he was “not pregnant”, the star went on to apologise that the news would not be Big Brother-related, much to the disappointment of the former reality show star's fans.Rylan, 33, shared a short, but intriguing, message with his 1.6 million followers on Twitter today.The former X Factor star wrote: “Little announcement 6pm (I’m not pregnant).”He then followed it up with an apology, adding: “Not big bro related soz.Trust me I wish it was x.”Rylan posted the same “little announcement” tease to his instagram, with a GIF of the number 10 decorated with sparklers. The star’s followers were left wondering what he might be about to tell them, as they took to the comments section.Rylan’s clarification came after numerous people asked about the return of hit show Big Brother.Marcus Bentley asked: “Is Big Brother coming back?"While Rois commented: “Is Big Brother back? The world needs it.” “Big brother coming back omg yes I knew it!!!!” Dave wrote excitedly. Rylan won Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 and returned to the show as a presenter in later years, but it seems he has other plans in store. Other people had some amusing guesses for what Rylan’s news could be. Camilla Morgan asked: “Are you the new James Bond?”While TinyTails joked: “Please say you're going to be the next Doctor Who.
Boris Johnson - Vladimir Putin - Eurovision organisers confirm Russia can compete despite Ukraine invasion - - Italy - Ukraine - Russia - Eu
Eurovision organisers confirm Russia can compete despite Ukraine invasion
Russia and Ukraine in May despite Vladimir Putin ordering a full-scale invasion, in what has been described by Boris Johnson as a ‘catastrophe’ for Europe.While Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference that ‘Peace on our continent has been shattered’ Eurovision Song Contest organisers described the competition as a ‘non-political cultural event’.They also appeared to dismiss suggestions Russia’s attack on its neighbour would result in the country being banned for 2022.The 66th edition of the annual competition is due to take in Turin after Italian rock band Maneskin triumphed during the 2021 contest.It comes as the European Union and others condemned the Russian invasion and promised tough sanctions to hit the Kremlin.A statement from the contest, which is produced by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), said (via PA News Agency): ‘The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political cultural event which unites nations and celebrates diversity through music.‘The EBU’s public broadcaster members in both Russia and Ukraine have committed to participating in this year’s event in Turin and we are currently planning to welcome artists from both countries to perform in May.‘We of course will continue to monitor the situation closely.’Last week, the act chosen to represent Ukraine in Turin, Alina Pash, withdrew from representing her country after facing scrutiny over a reported 2015 visit to Russia-occupied Crimea.Pash had been chosen in a televised national selection show and was due to perform her song Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors, but pulled out after details of the trip emerged.People who enter the territory via Russia are considered by Ukraine to have illegally crossed the border.
'What's the point?' Brotherhood of Man's Martin Lee aims swipe at modern day Eurovision - express - Las Vegas
'What's the point?' Brotherhood of Man's Martin Lee aims swipe at modern day Eurovision
Eurovision, asking: "What's the point?""The music has slipped away a little bit," he remarked in an exclusive interview with on the subject."Songs are not songs anymore, they're just sounds."In the aftermath of Brexit, many Brits have been keen to distance themselves from Eurovision - and although Martin doesn't take such a harsh stance, he does declare that the event has "changed dramatically" since he participated."If you can't sing with an orchestra anymore, what's the point?" he questioned.Martin believes the emphasis has changed over the years from artistry and song-writing technique to special effects on stage.This topic is one that started trending recently after Adele refused to sing at her Las Vegas residency recently, cancelling all 34 dates because she felt her show wasn't "ready".According to Martin, Eurovision - like some other modern shows - has now become "more of a light show"."I like the light show but the songs seem to have disappeared a bit in the modern era," he suggested."However, we should still participate because it's the biggest show in the world."It's great for new songwriters, it's a great extravaganza."What else do we have on TV other than the soaps? A billion [viewers] can't all be wrong."However, Martin feels that his band has already achieved the Eurovision milestone and isn't keen to repeat the experience.In the years that followed Brotherhood Of Man's win, the song remained the world's highest-selling Eurovision single ever.Some speculate that Brotherhood of Man's songs were inspired by Abba, who had won Eurovision two years earlier, but Martin says this wasn't the case.In fact, when they were offered the song 'Mamma Mia', which was then made famous by Abba, they were forced