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Red Cross - Europe's hottest summer roasted 70,000 people to death in horrifying 44C heatwave - - France - Portugal - county Cross - Serbia
Europe's hottest summer roasted 70,000 people to death in horrifying 44C heatwave
its hottest day on record as the mercury soared to 40C at Heathrow Airport with the nation basking in unprecedented sustained sunshine since.Despite the few days of strict health advice to stay cool indoors during this summer's most scorching days, it barely scratches the surface of the torment suffered by the continent in 2003. READ MORE:Brits think 26 degrees C is 'too hot' for chores like gardening or cookingAcross Europe, a staggering total of 70,000 people died from heat-related illnesses 19 years ago which wreaked havoc from Portugal to Serbia.Jacques Chirac, who was French President at the time, said: "Many fragile people died alone in their homes."The French Red Cross slammed the isolation of vulnerable people who perished from neglect in the cauldron-like crisis in France where heatwaves were a strongly underestimated risk.As a result priests in the north of the country were so overrun from the amount of funeral requests, that they were forced to bury total strangers in the same service.The constant stream of deaths also meant weddings had to be cancelled to free up priest and church time for the back to back burials.World War 2 bombs and tanks stopped people being able to cool off in Serbia's stretch of the River Danube.Water levels dried up so much that the previously submerged weaponry which has been submerged in the river for decades was dramatically revealed.
UK to enjoy another intense three-day heatwave with temperatures reaching 30C - - Britain - Beyond
UK to enjoy another intense three-day heatwave with temperatures reaching 30C
UK is set to sizzle again, with the mercury once more likely to hit 30C in parts later this week, before we’re brought back down to earth with a bump on Friday (June 24).The peak temperature is expected be on Thursday (June 23), with the South East enjoying the best figures, while it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they could witness similar heat to that of the hottest day last when Friday (June 17), when it reached 32C.Continental weather patterns are heading to Britain, although a cooler front from the Atlantic will probably introduce more “unsettled conditions” on Friday.Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge told the Daily Mirror: “Certainly the pattern is that heat will again continue to build as we go through this week towards Thursday, which we expect to be the day of peak heat.“We will expect the heat to build and reach high 20s, possibly somewhere with a low 30.”Whether the nation will experience a prolonged spell of warm weather over the summer remains to be seen, with Madge hedging his bets. He added: “Although we don’t know exactly what the weather patterns will deliver over the summer, it’s quite possible that we will get another hot spell or two, but there’s less confidence about when those will occur. To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here. “The outlook for summer overall is for the temperatures to be around average or slightly depressed, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t get the odd hot spell.”After Thursday’s peak in the low 30s, forecasters are predicting “thundery outbreaks” coming in from continental Europe in the South East and East Anglia “before those fresher conditions really have a chance to push through”, he continued.“We’re
John Hammond - Brits braced for 'near-freezing' Platinum Jubilee weekend as temperatures set to plummet - - Britain - Scotland - county Atlantic
Brits braced for 'near-freezing' Platinum Jubilee weekend as temperatures set to plummet
Platinum Jubilee bank holiday may have to think again after new weather forecasts suggest temperatures are set to plummet for the big weekend.Excitement had built over recent days over suggestions of a 'heatwave' — but the mercury could now be closer to freezing than the 30C that had been promised.It comes as a massive low-pressure formation continues to keep the British Isles cold for the official meteorological start of summer while parts of continental Europe enjoy record high temperatures.Weathertrending meteorologist John Hammond told the Daily Express: “What had been flagged up as a promising run-in to the Jubilee celebrations now looks cool and unsettled.“A subtle shift to the west of high pressure in the Atlantic will allow a chilly area of low pressure to tumble in from the northeast, bringing some sharp showers, limited brightness and suppressed temperatures.”Data from the Met Office shows lows of 9C and 8C possible in parts of the UK on Thursday (2 June) and Friday (3 June), with the north of Scotland potentially seeing temperatures drop to a winter-like 7C.Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Helen Caughey said that the overall picture for the Jubilee remains difficult to call, with it still possible that that the European heatwave arrives just in time.For the latest breaking news and stories from across the globe from the Daily Star, sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.In a daily update she wrote: “The main source of uncertainty for the weekend itself is to do with how far a plume of warm air, currently across the continent, encroaches over southern areas of the UK from late on Friday.
Paramount+ Teams With RAI and ZDF on ‘The Gymnasts’ From Italy’s Indigo Film (EXCLUSIVE) - - Australia - France - Italy - Canada - South Korea - Germany
Paramount+ Teams With RAI and ZDF on ‘The Gymnasts’ From Italy’s Indigo Film (EXCLUSIVE)
Nick Vivarelli International CorrespondentParamount+ has partnered with Italian and German public broadcasters RAI and ZDF on coming-of-age TV series “The Gymnasts” from Italy’s Indigo Film (“The Great Beauty”) to be directed by Cosima Spender (“Palio”) and Valerio Bonelli.Also on board as a key partner on “The Gymnasts” — which was recently presented at the Series Mania Co-Pro Pitching Sessions — is London-based super-indie All3Media International, which will be handling international sales of the show in territories not covered by its main broadcasters.The project is part of The Alliance, the production pact forged among continental Europe’s leading public broadcasters to co-finance innovative, high-profile TV series for the international market. But, in an interesting twist, “The Gymnasts” will be premiering as a Paramount+ original in Italy and across France, the U.K., Canada, Australia, Latin America and South Korea.Based on Italian author Ilaria Bernardini’s bestselling novel “Corpo Libero,” the six-episode series revolves around a team of elite female teenage gymnasts engaged in an international competition high up in the snowy Italian Alps.During what is the most important week of their lives, rivalries are fierce and relationships become complex as the young athletes vie for a chance at making the Olympic team.