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Queen Elizabeth, just like us, cut her hair at home during lockdown
The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe,” is set to be released next month and dives into the pair’s friendship during quarantine.A press release from Kelly’s publishers Harper Collins explained that new chapters will discuss the “royal household’s isolation during lockdowns at Windsor Castle; Angela supporting the queen in new ways, such as cutting and setting her hair; the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral; the first public engagements post-lockdown; and a look ahead at the Jubilee celebrations in June.”The 64-year-old adviser, who has been a part of the queen’s inner circle as her trusted aide since 2002, helps with the 95-year-old‘s dressings, oversees her expensive jewelry collection and acts as a personal assistant to the monarch.The queen made the move from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle during the coronavirus pandemic alongside her late husband Prince Philip — who died in April 2021 at 99 — and a small group of close staff, including Kelly. This period was known as the “HMS Bubble.”A four-day bank holiday will take place across the United Kingdom this summer to celebrate the queen’s historic 70 years on the throne.‘It tells the story of the royal bubble as well as the lengths Angela and the royal household went to, to ensure the safety of our monarch.’Kelly was given permission by the British Crown to write and release a memoir about her life as part of the royal household.