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Studio Ghibli reveals that it is collaborating with Star Wars studio Lucasfilm

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The acclaimed Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli indicated that it was collaborating with the Disney-owned production company Lucasfilm in a tweet shared to its account on Thursday.The tweet, which didn't include any text or additional details, featured a short clip opening with the recognizable Lucasfilm logo, before fading into Studio Ghibli's iconic blue logo featuring the title character from My Neighbor Totoro.Although the post doesn't explain what kind of collaboration is forthcoming, it may be an indication that Studio Ghibli is working on the upcoming second season of the animated series Star Wars: Vision, according to Polygon.

Big collaboration? The iconic Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli teased a collaboration with Disney's Lucasfilm, which produces Star Wars, on ThursdayStudio Ghibli's short video post also didn't include any kind of music to hint at the potential project.Although Lucasfilm is also home to the Indiana Jones franchise, a Star Wars collaboration seems more likely, as that franchise has already dabbled extensively in animation.

The outlet suggested that the second season of Star Wars: Visions was the most logical project, as the first season had been animated by several Japanese animation firms, which would make Ghibli's participation on the second season a logical evolution.The first season was created in anime-style, though the anthology series featured a different look depending on the episode.

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