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Sexpert weighs in on how long sex session should be – and gives unexpected answer

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READ MORE:'Vabbing' trend sees women use vaginal fluid as 'perfume' to attract loversAnd now, she spilled that the question about the length of sex with a previous partner divided opinion between the pair.The Australian sex expert was content with stopping the session after 20 minutes - but her partner said he could have go on for hours on end.She recalled this moment and told “An hour-and-a-half in, I terminated our sex-a-thon.“An all-night bang-fest may have been vaguely alluring in my 20s, but post-30, the only prolonged physical activity my body’s up for is lifting Doritos to my mouth while watching Marie Kondo in my Snuggie.”Favouring getting in her pyjamas over carrying on the risqué bedroom antics, Nadia decided to do some research regarding the length of sexual encounters.

The sexpert came across a study from 1948 conducted by Alfred Kinsey, a sex researcher. He found that three quarters of men actually finish after the two minute mark.Continuing her delve into sex duration, Nadia found a paper published a little more in the present in 2008.

Issued in The Journal Of Sexual Medicine, the study found that the 'average' sex session often lasts between three to seven minutes - while another paper noted it could be anything from 33 seconds to even an hour.Quite the difference in that one then!Nadia explained: “Interestingly, while research overwhelmingly indicates women require more time than men to orgasm during partnered sex, it’s typically men, not women, who report wanting nookie to last longer.“This may, in part at least, be due to the influence of porn.“Research suggests at least a quarter of young people aged 18 to 24 rely on it as a form of sex education."And given its emphasis on enduring.

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