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Sexpert gives top masturbation tips to 'make the most of your me-time'

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Bedbible's sexperts have shared their top tips to get the most from your self-pleasure.Talking about masturbation, the brand told us that it has been "stigmatised for way too long" and that it needs to be talked about more.They commented: "Not only is masturbation healthy, but it also feels fantastic and comes with a whole host of amazing benefits."One tip given to make the most of your me-time was igniting your senses.The brand said: "Making the most of all of our senses is like a feast for the brain."It also puts you into a state of high alert, meaning you perceive each sensation more intensely."Give yourself a sensory smorgasbord by incorporating sights, sounds, smells, different tactile sensations, and tastes into your solo play."Slowing down was also a big recommendation, as when you rush you "miss out on a whole lot of pleasure", according to the brand."When you slow down, you get to enjoy more of the good stuff, and you might even find that the extra arousal gives your orgasm a little more oomph," they said.Trying a next sex toy is also recommended as they help "bring your fantasies to life" and deep breathing can also enhance an orgasm, say Bedbile, as it gets oxygen pumping around the body and helps you connect to your body.Engaging your mind is also a big orgasm-booster, says the company.It commented: "Arousal is a combination of physical and mental arousal, so it's important to make sure your mind is getting the stimulation it needs!"There are plenty of ways to get your thoughts racing."As well as the good old-fashioned imagination, there are now loads of great options for ethical, feminist porn, audio erotica, and erotic literature."It's also a great way to explore any kinks and fantasies you've been thinking.

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