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Secret tunnel runs 'from palace to brothel' under one of UK's poshest neighbourhoods

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neighbourhoods, used by royals of old to access a high-end brothel.The clandestine route supposedly runs from St James's Street, near to London Paddington, across Pall Mall and underneath Hyde Park before reaching Kensington Palace.King Charles II, a notorious womaniser in his day, is rumoured to have used the tunnel to access a favourite brothel of his without being spotted.He was known to have several mistresses during the 1600s including Nell Gwynne and the Duchess of Portsmouth.It is thought that the tunnel leads to a historic building on St James’s Street across from Kensington Palace.

Today it is home to Berry Bros & Rudd, a fancy wine shop, reports MyLondon.The building has a very deep basement where an archway in the wall, pointing towards the royal residence, has been bricked up.This is where it is believed the tunnel ran underneath Pall Mall to the palace, with the building once the go-to brothel for the King and his pals.

Another notion reported by MyLondon and fuelled by Jack Brooksbank, husband of Princess Eugenie, is that a tunnel runs to the famous Dukes Bar around the corner in Mayfair.

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