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Samantha Morton says ‘The Serpent Queen’ is inspired by the mob and ‘Fleabag’

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Catherine de Medici, a one-time queen of France and a member of the iconic Italian noble family.The drama — which premiered Sept.

11 — follows Catherine in her teen years and into adulthood as she rises to power in the French court.The “Minority Report” actress, 45, noted how her character is a mixture of mob bosses and the British dramedy “Fleabag.”“Catherine is like a male character,” Morton told Entertainment Weekly in a profile published Sunday. “We wanted to approach her like you would ‘The Godfather’ or Don Corleone.

You think about ‘The Sopranos’ or ‘The Godfather’ or ‘Goodfellas,’ they’re always men,” she stated.Morton also uses a film technique to play Catherine, a tactic where she tells her life story to the people around her as well as the audience.

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