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Ryan Seacrest underwear swap sparks penis ‘panic’ at ‘Idol finale

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told Kelly Ripa about a behind-the-scenes wardrobe change on Monday’s episode of “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” saying that, during a commercial break on “Idol,” his stylist Miles bluntly announced: “We need to change your underwear.”“Apparently, America voted, and decided there was anatomy in the shot,” Seacrest quipped. “And I said, ‘Well, Miles, I didn’t bring any extra underwear,’” Seacrest replied.

But Miles was apparently prepared for a switcheroo. “He says, ‘Don’t worry — I’ve got mine,’” recalled to an aghast Ripa.“Nope.

No,” a shocked Ripa, 51, declared. “Change the camera shot — crotch up.”“So we go backstage during the commercial and find a little corner,” he said. “And I’m literally taking off my pants, off my underwear, and putting his on.”“No, no,” Ripa continued with her arms crossed. “Guys, anything for the show, right?” he told the incredulous “Live” audience. “It’s a family show.”When asked what Ripa would’ve done, she insisted she would have them adjust the camera angle because “women do not share panties.”“For the record, they weren’t panties,” Seacrest clarified, “They were tight, elastic underwear.”A post shared by miles siggins (@mrmiles_siggins)Ripa then jokingly asked if Seacrest’s original pair of underwear was “diminishing or enhancing.”“I don’t know — I didn’t read the comments and I never will,” he laughed.

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