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Rebel Streaks Are a Low-Commitment Way to Experiment With Color

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Glamour Russia singling them out as .The reason? Well, in part it's because they're universally flattering, but the right shade and placement can also help to brighten up complexions and accentuate facial features.

The color can be as subtle as or as bold as you like (depending on where you land between balayage and two-tone territory), and the best bit is that, given that it's usually only two strips at the front of your face that are being dyed, it's relatively affordable and requires minimal upkeep.And, importantly, if you're the sort of person that gets bored easily, they're super easy to switch up.

It's literally just a case of dying the streaks back to your original color, or cutting them into a fringe if you're in the mood for a more impactful change.This content can also be viewed on the site it from.And now that we're already half way through summer (sorry, but can you believe that?!) it seems that our current hair crushes are taking things a step further. “Face frames are getting larger and larger,” says Sophia Hilton, Ambassador and founder of . "I would even go as far as to say they aren't face frames any more.

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