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Reality of working at Hooters – from huge tips to sexy uniform and X-rated comments

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a notorious restaurant chain made popular by its scantily clad waitresses working in booty shorts.While staff are thankful for the opportunities the job has given to them, some have shared what it's really like working for the brand.From being called wh***es to receiving impressive tips, here are some details from behind the scenes you may not be aware of.Jade Amber, who posts on her YouTube channel about working at Hooters, has revealed how much waitresses at the chain can earn in tips from just one night."My worst night or day would be like $25 (£18) to $50 (£37) and that's the worst-case scenario, ok,” she explained."Normally on those nights, I was cut or sent home because we were very slow and it was during a very slow season."Those days are super rare but they do happen."She added: "An ok day would be like $95 (£70) to $125 (£92) because it's, like, 'Ok I made this amount of money but I know I can make more.

But there were super bad days it's, like, 'Ok at least I made money'."But then there were better days. On a great day at Hooters I would make anywhere from like $150 (£110) to...

it ranges honestly... like $150 to $400 (£295)."I want to say really, really good days are like $500 (£368). The most I've ever made at Hooters is $900 (£662).

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