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Queen Elizabeth II wrote a secret hidden letter which can only be opened in 2085

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Queen Elizabeth II has written a letter and sealed it in a hidden Australian vault, with strict instructions for it to be opened in 2085.The 96-year-old monarch died on September 8, but left behind a hidden letter inside of the Queen Victoria Building, with the note said to address the people of Sydney, Australia.What lies inside the letter is completely unknown, with strict instructions to not open it until 2085 left by the Queen, with the note appearing alongside the letter inside a glass case in the Queen Victoria Building.READ MORE: Queen feared baby Charles 'sausage fingers' as they spark health fears from fansStaffers, other members of the Royal Family and the people of Sydney have no idea what lies inside.All that can be read so far are the Queen's instructions, which very clearly state when the letter is to be opened, and how it is not to be opened a moment sooner than the turn of 2085.The note left by the Queen reads: "Greetings.

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