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Putin's 'new world order' plan as West warned they face 'devastating consequences'

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Vladimir Putin’s closest allies has issued a bizarre vision of a "new world order" to the UN. Since Russian President Putin invaded Ukraine in February he’s been blacklisted by almost every major country, except a handful, such as Belarus.Now the country's president Alexander Lukashenko has sent a letter to UN Secretary-General António Guterres to explain Putin’s sordid reasoning for violating Ukraine’s sovereignty.According to Belarussian TV, the letter, dated May 18, urged the UN to welcome in a "new world order" where all sovereign states have "security guarantees" and warned that the Ukraine conflict would have "devastating consequences" if not.Lukashenko repeated Putin’s threat that, unless “security guarantees” were forthcoming, the Ukraine war would become “protracted with devastating consequences”.He reportedly said: “Belarus calls on the countries of the world to unite and prevent the regional conflict in Europe from escalating into a full-scale world war.”He went on to stress that the US and NATO were violating Putin’s grand ‘new world order’ by sending weapons to Ukraine.He continued: “Together and each in our role, we can do a lot today: refrain from the supply of weapons.”“Today, the world, unfortunately, forgets that Belarusians have never been a threat to any of their neighbours.“We are not aggressors, as some states try to present us.

Belarus has never been the initiator of any wars or conflicts.“We are not traitors. Honesty and integrity in relationships are important to us.”Remarkably, the man with blood on his hands even went as far as to blame Western influences for the conflict his master started – a conflict that has seen human rights violated and vicious war crimes committed with abandon..

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