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Liam Payne - Harry Styles - Louis Tomlinson - Niall Horan - Zayn Malik - Zayn Malik films himself singing One Direction again and fans, naturally, lose their minds -
Zayn Malik films himself singing One Direction again and fans, naturally, lose their minds
supports HTML5 videoZayn Malik has filmed himself singing One Direction, and yes, this is a big deal.The singer, 29, left the band in 2015, devastating fans and leaving Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles to carry on as a four-piece.Since leaving 1D and carving out a solo career, Zayn has been fairly quiet about the band in which he found fame – though in an interview shortly after leaving slammed the band’s music as ‘generic as f***.’But it seems the father-of-one could be warming up to his teenage band – and may even be becoming nostalgic.Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Zayn uploaded a 30-second, black-and-white video featuring him singing 1D hit Night Changes.The star can be seen leaning on a table and resting his chin on his hand as he sings the chorus to the 2014 love song, keeping his eyes off camera as he belts out the lyrics without backing music.Fans, naturally, went absolutely wild for the One Direction throwback, not least because it’s the second time this year he’s sung a 1D hit after previously going years without mentioning the band at all.In June, the star had again taken to Instagram where he sang the high note for 1D’s gorgeous love song You & I.Flocking to the comments section of Zayn’s video on Friday, fans heaped praise on the star, many unable to believe what they were hearing.‘Omg my ears are blessed,’ one person wrote, while another said: Zayn singing 1d songs in 2022 is literally the best thing could ever happen (sic).’‘MORE 1D???? ZAYN…’ one said, while another screamed: ‘NIGHT CHANGES????? YOUR VOICE????? YOU?????’And one begged: ‘What are you telling us.’Yeah, it seems 1D fans are staying calm – as is former One Direction member Niall, who also liked the post.The new video