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John Lennon's killer admits shooting Beatles star was 'evil' but he 'wanted fame too much'
 Mark Chapman, 67, killed The Beatles star John Lennon back in 1980 and was sentenced to a prison term of 20 years to life.The murderer has since admitted he “knew it was wrong” to shoot the star but that he had “wanted the fame” too much at the time to walk away.Mark shot the legendary musician as he walked into the archway of his apartment building at The Dakota in New York City on December 8, 1980.Following a murder that shocked the world, Chapman's legal team planned to argue an insanity defense based on the testimony of mental health experts who said that he was in a delusional psychotic state.However, Chapman told his lawyers that he wanted to plead guilty based on what he had decided was the will of God. Since becoming eligible for parole, he has applied for it 12 times but has always been denied.Chapman has since told a parole board he knew it was wrong to kill the Beatle, but that he was seeking fame and had “evil in his heart”. A transcript released by New York officials on Monday under a freedom of information request detailed exactly what he said before the board denied him parole for a 12th time, Sky News reports. During his parole hearing, Chapman said he had a "selfish disregard for human life of global consequence".He also said his decision to kill Lennon was "my big answer to everything. I wasn't going to be a nobody anymore".He continued: "I am not going to blame anything else or anybody else for bringing me there."I knew what I was doing, and I knew it was evil.
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Inside John Lennon's will from family dispute and exclusion to million pound estate
John Lennon left the world in mourning when he was tragically associated in December 1980.The Beetle's star who was responsible for songs such as Imagine and I'm Losing You captivated fans with his sultry tones and intriguing lyrics before he passed away.Married to Yoko Ono, John left behind his beloved wife and his two sons.READ MORE: Celebs who misbehaved at Buckingham Palace – stolen loo rolls and spliff smokingBut when John passed away controversy surrounding his will came to light as certain family members were deliberately left out of his fortune which was said to be $200million (£180m) at the time of his death.Daily Star has taken a look at the details of his will and who he left his millions to.Most of the details regarding John's will was kept under wraps - until his first son Julian Lennon spoke out.John's son Julian, who he shared with his first wife Cynthia spoke openly about the distress he felt being excluded from his father's will, despite his half brother Sean being included.Julian later revealed that he was supposed to receive £2,400 a year in maintenance from the divorce settlement between his father and his mother.There was also £50,000 trust fund which was inherited by Julian when he was 25 years old.However considering the singer's net worth at the time which is now close to £612.3 million, Julian felt that he was left out in the dark.Speaking about the will to the Telegraph in 1998, Julian said: "I don’t think it was necessarily fair, but I’m OK.
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Inside John Lennon's tragic death – will, aftermath and murderer's death plot
John Lennon, one of the most famous musicians of the 20th century, was brutally shot and killed on December 8, 1980 by Mark David Chapman.The world was shaken and silenced after such an iconic and influential figure’s life was cut short at the age of 40 years old.The impact was felt across the world as fans mourned the loss of such a creative mind and were robbed of the chance to see him perform live once more.READ MORE: Austin Butler now 'embodies' Elvis Presley after 'dedicated research', claims expertJohn and his wife Yoko Ono had performed his final full concert performance back in 1972 in Madison Square Garden and as the 50th anniversary approaches, keep reading to take a look back at John’s untimely death.Mark David Chapman, a Hawaii-born security guard, was 25 years old at the time of the crime and was an avid Beatles fan.He had no prior convictions.One of his main inspirations in life was Holden Caulfield, the protagonist in JD Salinger’s 1951 novel The Catcher In The Rye who repeatedly comments on the “phonies” of the world.Mark became infatuated by Lennon’s lifestyle and an infamous statement he made in 1966.John had said that The Beatles were “more popular than Jesus”, which caused controversy across the world and, along with the lyrics to his songs God and Imagine, riled Mark to the point of murder.He flew from Honolulu to New York City and when he arrived, made his way to John’s NYC residence.
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Sadie Frost, 56, showcases ageless beauty with stunning red carpet display
Sadie Frost looked every inch the star as she stepped out at the Circa.Art and Serpentine's event in London, honouring Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace campaign.The 56-year-old actress showcased her ageless beauty as she posed for snaps at the swanky event in the Capital on Tuesday (March 29).Sadie's love of fashion certainly came across in her jaw-dropping black silk jumpsuit, emblazoned with a gold and silver pattern, perfectly complimenting her gym-honed figure.She added to her look with a pair of chunky black shoes adding to her height along with a small gold necklace and tiny gold hooped earrings.In the makeup department, the Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism actress opted to go for a more natural look with a touch of blusher on her rosy cheeks and glistening lip gloss on her plump pout.Sadie's famous sark bob was kept in place with a neat little pin, while tucked behind her ears as she happily posed for the cameras.Her outing came just one day after she shared a cryptic post about exes on her Instagram Stories.She reposted a quote by Rosemary Reed about narcissistic exes, who branded their other halves 'crazy', saying: "Can anyone relate to that? I can."However, she did not specify who she was referring to with her cryptic social media post.The film producer also reflected on being a mother-of-five after adopting African orphan Lucky Mthembu having met him when he was 10-years-old.Sharing a collection of snaps on Sunday (March 27), she wrote: "Today I will celebrate my motherhood I am so chuffed to have had my 3 boys who protect me through thick and thin @fin_munro @rafflaw @rudyindianalaw always by my side..."Also to have my beautiful, clever daughter who I admire and love in every way @lirisaw...