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Prince William and Kate are 'normal parents' who let kids have fun on royal visits
Prince William and wife Kate Middleton have been labelled as “normal parents” after appearing at the Commonwealth Games this week.The pair appeared alongside daughter Princess Charlotte at games earlier this week, and while the latter caught the eye of the public with her typical seven-year-old behaviour, it was mum Kate who was analysed by experts.She was seen on several occasions – and during several public appearances this year – engaging with Princess Charlotte who was making faces or looking decidedly bored watching sports she clearly didn't care about.READ MORE: Princess Charlotte gives 'Louis run for his money' with funny looks at Commonwealth GamesAnd it was Kate's behaviour which was classed as “normal parenting” by body language expert Judi James.She told FEMAIL: “George, Charlotte and Louis are not only allowed to be playful, fun, spontaneous and even cheeky in public, they are actively encouraged by their mum and dad, who often look at their most proud and most doting when they are doing so.“William and Kate’s parenting duties were always going to be unique as they’re inducting a prince, princess and future king into the rules, traditions and formalities of the royal family as well as allowing three small children to have as much fun and freedom as possible as they do so.“What we have been seeing during their most recent public outings is how well they are managing the ‘normal’ aspect of their parenting, making them look like many other families taking their kids on a day out.“Their techniques seem to involve remaining totally tuned into their children, while not appearing to fuss or show signals of anxiety that might be natural given the profile of the events they have been attending.”The couple have never
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Kate 'has revolutionised Royal social media game' making it 'quietly radical' – expert
Kate Middleton has "revolutionised" the Royal social media game, a royal expert has claimed.With the younger royals looking to move with the times and be more in tune with the 21st-century UK populace, the Duchess of Cambridge's approach to Instagram was ensuring they were keeping well ahead of the game.Australian writer Daniela Elser claimed Kate’s account was “quietly radical” and was being greatly effective in guaranteeing that the monarchy would continue for years to come.READ NEXT: UK drivers warned roads could 'melt' as 40C heatwave predicted next week And while the ‘Harry and Meghan show’ across the pond was garnering many followers, Kate’s Instagram work – where a number of pictures and videos were uploaded – proved to everyone that the royals want to be seen in a different light nowadays. Elser said: “While the eyes of the world were by and large glued to the Harry and Meghan Show, Kate has been revolutionising the royal social media game.“It was also indisputable proof of something that has become increasingly apparent of late: Kate is simply nailing the social media game.” Down-to-earth images of Prince William fooling around with his children, a “mould-breaking” snap of the Duke of Cambridge with his father, Prince Charles, and just general everyday pictures of family life, they all added new meaning to a royal site followed by hundreds of thousands of people.“And all of these pics?” asked Elser.
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Kate Middleton and Prince William labelled 'virtue signallers' amid downsize move
Kate Middleton and Prince William have reportedly been eyeing up a move to the Windsor estate to be closer to The Queen but this has been hit with backlash.Reports claimed that the Cambridge's had been eyeing up a move to Adelaide Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle, just a ten-minute walk away from the 96-year-old Monarch.Currently, the family reside in the lavish 20-room Apartment 1A in Kensington Palace but William and Kate are keen for their children to attend the same school, close to Windsor.The move, however, hasn't gone down well with TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer and columnist Ayesha Hazarika.During Tuesday night's episode of Small Talk, Julia said: "William and Kate are moving their family to a four-bedroom cottage on the Windsor estate."Adelaide Cottage which needs no extra taxpayers' security – I think we'll all remember what happened with Harry and Meghan."No costly refurb, it's also understood there will be, I don't know how people cope with no live-in staff with aides commuting to Windsor."Is there no levels of dedication the royals will not go to?!"She continued: "The move means their children, George, Charlotte and Louis can now start school together in the autumn which is great news."William and Kate are said to be keen to live closer to the Queen who's been struggling with mobility problems and obviously want to be with her at Windsor."Julia added: "This is also about playing down the roles, cost of living crisis, 'We're just like you'."The fact we also have not just a second home we've been talking about but about 15 other homes, by the way, they're palaces and castles but we're living in a four bedroomed house."I don't think that's going to go down very well, I think a lot of people will say