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Everything We Know About Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ Movie So Far
“Barbie” movie has quickly become one of the most anticipated releases of 2023.Audiences have praised and criticized each “Barbie” update (this is one of the most beloved toys of all time, after all), but this April, Warner Bros.’ released the official first-look image of Margot Robbie as Barbie, and anticipation has been growing ever since — especially after Warner Bros.’ stoked the flames with our first look at Ryan Gosling as Ken.In addition to co-writing the latest “Barbie” draft, Oscar-nominated “Little Women” and “Lady Bird” filmmaker Greta Gerwig is directing the project. In addition to starring as the titular character, Robbie is also a producer alongside “Dallas Buyers Club” producer Robbie Brenner (Mattel Films) and “Harry Potter” producer David Heyman (Heyday Films), as well as her husband, Tom Ackerley (LuckyChap Entertainment).Below, we run down everything we know about the “Barbie” movie so far — from the release date to the cast to the project’s lengthy production history.In celebration of the Mattel doll’s 60th anniversary, “Barbie” will be released in theaters on July 21, 2023The highly anticipated film includes an ensemble of very different actors and actresses.
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Ryan Gosling rocks double denim in first glimpse as Ken in Barbie movie and it is everything
Ryan Gosling’s look as Ken in the upcoming Barbie film has been revealed, and it is everything.Fans are desperately awaiting Greta Gerwig’s take on the iconic doll, her life, career and love with the hotly anticipated live action film.In April we got our first glimpse of Margot Robbie as the titular Barbie, with bleach-blonde hair, joyful smile and all-pink Barbie car.The film boasts a massively star-studded cast, including upcoming Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa, Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon, Marvel superhero Simu Liu, and comedy legend Will Ferrell.Playing Ken, who as everyone knows is the love of Barbie’s life, is La La Land star Ryan, and it’s fair to say he looks the part.In a new snap revealed on Friday, Ryan can be seen posing by Barbie’s all-pink Dream House, his hair dyed a silver-blonde colour and styled in a way that is very Ken.The actor is dressed in denim jeans and and an open denim waistcoat to show off his washboard, proper Ken-doll abs, with the top of his underwear poking out and bearing his name.Ryan glances away from the camera as he leans up against a bright pink pillar, his hands in his pockets as he flashes a smile.The reveal has made fans more excited than ever for the new flick, with Ryan expertly encompassing the iconic figure – and we can’t wait to see his interactions with Barbie.‘Ryan Gosling as Ken in #Barbie is actually perfect,’ one fan wrote on social media after the reveal.Another predicted the film would be a ‘camp masterpiece’, while one said it was ‘top tier casting.’Oscar-winner Greta is directing the film after writing the screenplay with her partner, Noah Baumbach.Some of the cast were spotted enjoying a night out in London earlier this month, with Margot seen beaming as she
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Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham and Will Ferrell spotted having whale of a time supporting Wrexham FC at Wembley
David Beckham, and Will Ferrell were spotted hanging out together at Wembley Stadium during Wrexham’s crushing defeat to Bromley on Sunday afternoon.In scenes that we didn’t have on our bingo sheet for 2023, the group were pictured in the box at the famous football grounds, with Ryan’s wife Blake Lively and Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob McElhenney also in attendance.Ryan, Will and David looked engaged in conversation as they spoke animatedly before the match kicked off.As the game got underway, Ryan was full of support for his beloved team Wrexham and was seen cheering and hollering with his wife Blake by his side.At one point, the Deadpool star even flashed his team a double thumbs up.After the match, which saw Wrexham lose to Bromley 1-0, Ryan joined Rob on the pitch where they no doubt rallied around the players.Ryan and Rob took full control of the National League club from the Wrexham Supporters Trust in February 2021, investing £2million under the terms of the deal.Last month, Ryan gifted his Wrexham AFC co-owner Rob a commemorative urinal at the club’s football stadium in the Welsh town.In the video posted to Twitter, the 45-year-old Deadpool star cut a tiny red ribbon strung across a golden plaque with Rob’s name and birth date, and placed above a urinal in a bathroom block at the Racecourse Ground.The plaque read: ‘This urinal is dedicated to Robert McElhenney on his birthday – April 14.‘With love from Wrexham AFC, paid for by Ryan Reynolds.’In the video, Ryan delivered an eloquent speech and popped a bottle of champagne during a mocking ceremony, while emotional music played in the background.David Beckham 'frightened for family's safety' over alleged stalker at Harper's schoolGeri Horner reunites with David Beckham
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'Triangle of Sadness': Biting social satire delights Cannes
CANNES, France -- Fashion models, Instagram influencers and Russian oligarchs collide on a yacht — and some very extreme sickness ensues — in Ruben Östlund's “Triangle of Sadness,” a social satire that had viewers at the Cannes Film Festival in hysterics.The Swedish filmmaker's latest, co-starring Woody Harrelson as a Marxist boat captain, has made one of the biggest splashes at this year's festival. At its premiere Saturday evening, there were such waves of laughter and applause that Östlund on Sunday compared it to a crowd at a soccer match.Östlund has already found an international audience for movies that take an uproarious, uncomfortable aim at money, masculinity and other big social targets in films like the Alpine marital drama “Force Majeure” (remade as “Downhill,” with Julia Louis Dreyfus and Will Ferrell) and the art-world satire “The Square,” which won the Palme d'Or top prize at Cannes in 2017.But in his first English-language film, and with a budget twice that of “The Square,” Östlund wanted to go even further with his particular brand of “rollercoaster for adults” cinema.“I wanted to do something that’s worth leaving your home and leaving your screens, leaving the streaming services you have at home,” Östlund said ahead of the film's premiere.