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Stranger Things' Noah Schapp breaks silence over DMs with Love Island's Ekin-Su
Love Island star Ekin-Su was hit up by actor Noah Schnapp, known for his role as Will Byers in the Netflix series Stranger Things, and the child star opened up about their exchange.The 17-year-old said that he privately messaged Ekin-Su and she replied upon her departure from the villa.He spoke to his co-star Millie Bobby Brown via Instagram Live and told all the listeners about his conversation with the 2022 Love Island winner.READ MORE: Love Island champ Davide teased he and Ekin-Su are set to get their own showNoah left viewers shocked as she revealed: “I DM’d Ekin-Su and she answered me.”Millie, 18, dropped her jaw in amazement as Noah continued to explain that they had actually had a video call together.Millie then responded by mocking Davide Sanclimenti’s catchphrase: “You are a liar”.Fans were also in disbelief and turned to Twitter to discuss the revelation.One said: “This is the most random crossover we didn’t know we needed,” while another said that Noah “shooting his shot” with a “hot older woman” will “never not be funny”.Love Island has become somewhat of a hit stateside and the Netflix actor has clearly been influenced as he has also spoken to a previously islander.Lucinda Strafford, who was in the villa back in 2021, has also had a chat with the star and spoke to On Demand Entertainment about their convo.She said: “He messaged me being like: ‘Oh my god, I love you so much.
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Woman 'wants to sue' over haircut fail which leaves her 'looking like Harry Potter star'
READ MORE: Hairstylist leaves woman's bob 'looking like Frankenstein's bride' after 'burning face'A quick transition of the video cuts to the aftermath – and it's fair to say Sam isn't impressed by the resultThe TikToker shows her new hair, which looks like a failed attempt of "curtain bangs" with poor layering after it's been shortened to shoulder length."Am I allowed to sue over a hair cut?" she wrote in the caption.Some said they "feel your pain" and shared their haircut fails in the comments."I've got the exact same haircut before," one said and another wrote: "I feel you, this just happened to me."Others said the new look reminds them of a Harry Potter character.One pointed out: "More like the Weasley twins hair styles. Sorry.""Fred and George Weasley," a second noted but a third commented: "A little shorter you would be Will Byers from Stranger Things."Sam said she couldn't "unsee" the references but she has found a temporary solution to it.Get all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletterShe replied in the comments: "It’s as if he couldn’t decide whether to do the Rachel or a bowl cut so he did both."The front bits are too short so I can’t even wear a bun."I’ve worn half up half down almost every day since this happened."In Sam's recent videos, she curled her hair so it looked more natural.READ NEXT: 'Trolls tell me I look better with boob implants – but I love my new look'
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Stranger Things fans convinced new villain Vecna appears in major season one moment
Stranger Things fans are convinced they've spotted season four villain Vecna in a much earlier episode.The Netflix series dropped its penultimate batch of episodes at the end of last month, with a terrifying new villain from the Upside Down on hand to terrorise the Hawkins teens.Portrayed by Harry Potter star Jamie Campbell Bower, the monster has helped aid what fans have described as the 'most scary season' of Stranger Things yet.With Vecna's emergence, another theory has also been suggested by some eagle-eyed viewers.They have claimed the terrifying monster was actually first featured on Stranger Things back in its very first season.The first season of Stranger Things saw Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) abducted and taken to a parallel universe known as the Upside Down.While it had generally been assumed by fans that Will had been taken to the Upside Down by a Demogorgon, a new theory has emerged in the wake of Vecna's season four introduction.Indeed, some Stranger Things fans are now suggesting that Vecna first appeared in season one and it was Vecna who was responsible for transporting Will to the Upside Down.Posting to TikTok, fans made their case that a Demogogon wouldn't have been capable of opening the door between the real world and the Upside Down.They have hence theorised that Vecna had to be responsible, with one fan even claiming to have seen Vecna while watching the clip of Will's season one abduction again.One Stranger Things fan wrote: "Demogorgons do not have powers like Vecna. "They can’t open a door like that."Another commented: "Since when could a demogorgon teleport through behind will in the shed, it means it was Vecna."Meanwhile, a third said: "Vecna took Will.