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Prince Harry 'dragged around like a performing seal' by Meghan Markle, says expert
Meghan Markle was dragging Prince Harry “around like a royal performing seal” within four months of meeting him, a leading Royal Family biographer has claimed.The future Duke and Duchess of Sussex kept their relationship under wraps after getting together during the spring of 2016.They then went public on Halloween of that year and Ingrid Seward – the editor of Majesty magazine who has written books on most senior members of the Royal Family – claimed that Meghan then "moved at the speed of lightning" to cast Harry under her spell.READ MORE: Prince Harry says Diana’s voice is ‘even stronger in my life’ after becoming a fatherMs Seward said the American actress swiftly realised that Harry was “totally mesmerised” by her and such devotion saw him dote on her throughout their “whirlwind courtship”.She also suggested Meghan "dragged" Prince Harry around like a "royal performing seal" before they wed in a star-studded Windsor Castle ceremony in 2018.Speaking after the launch of her book, Prince Philip Revealed: A Man Of His Century in 2020, Ms Seward said: “God Almighty, Meghan has really moved at the speed of lightning. It was a whirlwind courtship, it was pretty quick."I don’t like her for it, but I do admire her for being able to pack so much into such a short time.
Tiktok - Voice - American living in the UK questions why Brit supermarkets have 'same ugly floor' - dailystar.co.uk - Britain - USA
American living in the UK questions why Brit supermarkets have 'same ugly floor'
READ MORE: American feels they've been 'lied to' after trying British cheese for first timeNot quite the great philosophical question, but this US expat has questioned why the shop floors have the ‘exact’ same pattern.Instead of turning to Google or flipping through pages of a book to search for the answer, the American put their trust in TikTok to figure out why supermarket floors are the ‘same’.The eagle-eyed American took a walk around the aisles of Sainsbury's and asked: “Why do all grocery stores in the UK have the exact same floor? It's so ugly it makes me not want to buy anything?”In true British fashion, many people fled to the comments on the viral clip to mock the American – and some gave more probable answers.One person commented: “I just realised that you don’t look at the floor and look at the more expensive eye level items.”Another user mocked: “It's stained from everyone's spilt tea and biscuits.”A third person voiced: “Because they want you to look at products and not the floor.”Someone else chuckled: “They’re dead flies, they just paint over them.”Meanwhile, a fifth user questioned: “Why would you not buy groceries because of the floor?”“It could put people off food”, the American simply said.And, this is not the only time the American has been confused.Previously, they were left baffled as to why Brits have garages in their ‘living rooms’ and park their cars in the garden.READ NEXT: Man slammed for insisting girlfriend covers cost of all meals on her birthday holiday