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Gary Windass - David Platt - Michael Le-Vell - Nick Tilsley - Todd Grimshaw - Itv Corrie - Corrie's most brutal stunts - actress on fire, broken ribs and on-set collapse - - Ireland
Corrie's most brutal stunts - actress on fire, broken ribs and on-set collapse
Coronation Street.After asking Kieron to murder Gary Windass in revenge for the death of her father Rick, Kieron plans to kill Kelly and frame her for Gary's death.Gary has already been viciously attacked by Kieron and his gang, but will he and Kelly survive the ordeal?READ NEXT: ITV Corrie fans fume as intense scenes between Kelly and Gary 'too dark' to seeThe brutal scenes have already begun airing, with Gary actor Mikey North revealing that he "wasn't acting" in the harrowing strangulation scenes earlier in the week.As viewers wait to find out what will happen to Gary and Kelly, Daily Star takes a look at Coronation Street's most brutal stunts - and some of their real life injuries.Her magazine in Ireland reported that a Coronation Street extra was rushed to hospital, after sustaining injuries on set.The cast were filming a scene where Todd Grimshaw was brutally attacked by a gang, but in the ensuing chaos, an extra fell face-first on the pavement.The extra was reportedly left with "blood streaming from his nose," and subsequently rushed to hospital.A spokesperson for Coronation Street told The Irish Mirror: "The actor in question sustained a minor injury when he fell during filming."He was taken to hospital as a precaution but he is fine and well."Debbie Rush's character Anna Windass was left with life-changing injuries in the soap, after Anna suffered horrific burns when David Platt's car flipped over on the cobbles in 2008.To film the harrowing stunt, Anna star Debbie had her legs set on fire for more than eight seconds.To protect her, the actress' skin was covered in cooling gel and she wore fireproof clothes underneath her character's clothes.Actors Ben Price and Michael Le Vell, who play Nick Tilsley and Kevin
Sean Tully - Eileen Grimshaw - Todd Grimshaw - Mary Taylor - George Shuttleworth - Corrie fans baffled as they raise new questions over Eileen's mystery 'house blunder' -
Corrie fans baffled as they raise new questions over Eileen's mystery 'house blunder'
Coronation Street fans were distracted after questioning the size of Eileen Grimshaw's house. Eileen (Sue Cleaver) currently lives in the house with her son Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), partner George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) along with friends Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) and Sean Tully (Antony Cotton).George's sister Glenda was introduced in Friday's episode (August 5) and during tonight's episode (August 10), she was spotted at number 11 alongside her brother and their pals.The house reportedly contains two bedrooms, a hall, a dining room, a kitchen and an outside toilet, therefore soap watchers are baffled at how many people it can fit.Sean's son Dylan stays whenever he visits and was present during Wednesday night's instalment which only added to their confusion."#Corrie How many people are living in Eileen’s house?," penned one.Another wrote: "How many bedrooms has Eileen got in her house #corrie.""Has Eileen’s house got a revolving door or something? #corrie" questioned a third as a someone else added: "how many people live in that house? hahahaha #corrie."Other users couldn't help but theorize that Eileen's house must feature the Tardis from BBC show Doctor Who, with one jokingly writing: "Eileen must own the Tardis with all her lodgers #Corrie."Eileen's house really is like the tardis, keep expecting Dr Who to waltz in next.
Eileen Grimshaw - Todd Grimshaw - Asha Alahan - Mary Taylor - Corrie spoilers: Death tragedy aftermath, cheating heartbreak and police twist -
Corrie spoilers: Death tragedy aftermath, cheating heartbreak and police twist
Coronation Street residents reel in the aftermath of a car crash next week.Baby Alfie's future seems increasingly uncertain following the tragic death of Imran Habeeb.Suspicions mount about the circumstances surrounding the crash later in the week as police investigate the circumstances involving the fatal accident.Elsewhere in Weatherfield, Summer Spellman informs Asha Alahan that the exam board is still looking into her appeal and it’s up to her whether or not she chooses to sit her final exam.Summer heads for lunch with Aaron to take her mind off things but she’s touched when Aadi Alan calls with a set of homemade revision cards.However when Mary Taylor lets slip that Todd Grimshaw’s planning a surprise party to celebrate the end of her exams, how will Summer react?In the exam room, Summer unzips her blood sugar testing kit to reveal Aadi’s revision cards hidden inside.When the invigilator heads over, Summer panics and makes out she needs to test her sugar levels.Outside she opens the bag and realises with horror that the cards are missing.In the exam room, the invigilator finds the revision notes on the floor and recognising the handwriting as Aadi’s, bundles him out of the room.With the exam over, Summer heads off, only to hear Mrs Crawshaw tearing a strip off Aadi for cheating.Both Summer and Aadi are called to attend meetings at school.Convinced Aadi is covering for Summer, Dev Alan reveals that Summer’s got a new boyfriend so there’s no reason for him to protect her, Aadi’s cut to the quick.Having questioned Aadi, Mrs Crawshaw summons Summer into her office.Struggling to live with the lie, will Summer admit it was she who intended to cheat?Also, Frank calls at No.11 and Eileen Grimshaw mistakes him for an
Sally Carman - Todd Grimshaw - Jenny Connor - Imran Habeeb - Laura Neelan - Kel Allen - Gareth Pierce - Coronation Street cast flood Georgia Taylor with compliments as she prepares for holiday -
Coronation Street cast flood Georgia Taylor with compliments as she prepares for holiday
Coronation Street actress Georgia Taylor has been showered with compliments by her fellow co-stars on Instagram.The 42-year-old, who is best known for playing Toyah Battersby in the soap, is getting herself holiday ready as she prepares to leave the cobbles for some time away.Although she hasn't disclosed her holiday destination, the Wigan-born star did share her new hair after a trip to the salon over the weekend.Sharing three images to her 55,000 Instagram followers, Georgia showed off her freshly dyed locks which appeared to be more silvery blonde than her usual style.She captioned the carousal of photos: "Hair is holiday ready! Thanks again to the brilliant @hair_by_carmenedmondson."It wasn't long before her supportive Corrie co-stars commented on the new look they inundated her with compliments.Showing off some of his hairdressing knowledge, Gareth Pierce, who plays Todd Grimshaw in the soap, said: "Cracking balayage right there." However, Georgia corrected him on the treatment she had done saying it was "baby lights" she replied: "Actually a full head of ‘baby lights’ this time! But I know you knew that really."Kel Allen, who played Laura Neelan before leaving this year, commented: "So blummin’ gorgeous! I LOVE ITTTT!"Abi Franklin actress Sally Carman also complimented the new hair by adding: "Really gorgeous!" with a string of flame emojis.Rovers landlady Jenny Connor played by Sally Ann Matthews said: "Have a well-deserved break!"Although Georgia is preparing to jet off on a relaxing breakaway, the same can't be said about her character in the soap whose life isn't the most straightforward at the moment.Currently, in the soap, her character Toyah and her new husband Imran Habeeb fought for custody of his son,
Gwyneth Paltrow - Daniel Brocklebank - Todd Grimshaw - Billy Mayhew - Joseph Fiennes - Harriet Bibby - Corrie Billy Mayhew star's life - Music career, co-star romance and Gwyneth Paltrow link - - Los Angeles - county Love
Corrie Billy Mayhew star's life - Music career, co-star romance and Gwyneth Paltrow link
Coronation Street, after she fell into a diabetic coma earlier this week.Along with asking fellow residents including Todd Grimshaw to look out for her, Billy is set out to do everything he can to look after Summer, after adopting her following the death of father Drew Spellman.While Vicar Billy has a sweet relationship with Summer on-screen, actor Daniel Brocklebank and Summer star Harriet Bibby also revealed they have a close off-screen friendship too.That's not all, as Daniel has also led a very interesting life away from the cobbles too, including co-star romances and a link to Hollywood starlet Gwyneth Paltrow.Long before Daniel Brocklebank became a fan favourite on Coronation Street as Vicar Billy Mayhew, the actor already had a long acting career in rival soaps and Hollywood films.At the age of 19 years old, he played a young Merlin in the 1998 film of the same name, before landing the role of Sam Gosse in the Academy Award winning film Shakespeare In Love - where he appeared opposite Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow.Daniel revealed that soon after appearing in the film, he decided to come out as gay, saying to The Mirror: "I pretend for a living, I didn’t want to pretend in my private life. When you spend your life on screen, it’s important to hold on to the bits that are real."He added: "I remember my management in Los Angeles trying to convince me not to come out because they said it would affect work – and it did."I stopped being screen-tested for the heterosexual male leads and I was either the gay best friend or the character parts.